Namma Railu Information Session at GCE, Ramanagaram!

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Commuter Rail

Thanks to Dr. Mohammed Haneef, Principal, Ghousia College of Engineering (GCE), Ramangaram for hosting a information session on 'Namma Railu' project. The info session was organized yesterday , Mon Oct 20, 2014 at GCE's beautiful Conference Hall.

The event was well attended by 150-170 people comprising of Faculty, Staff and students of GCE. Dr. Haneef opened the event with a welcome address followed by Prof. Swaminathan's introducing Praja-RAAG and the day's program.

The presentation on Namma Railu in context of residents of GCE and Ramanagaram was done by me along with Praja team of Sanjeev, Amith and our friend M. A. Siraj.

Overall it was good awareness program well hosted by GCE staff and Principal Dr. Haneef.

The ride to Ramanagram was very pleasant with some pleasant weather and greenery all around.

Here are some pictures from the event.



Great efforts by Khader Bhai

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Great efforts by Khader Bhai to reach out to his alma mater. I am sure, he must have relived his memories at his alma mater. 

We need to focus on the industrial sector and student community to garner support for Namma Railu. Our efforts with the elitist citizens of Whitefield have not paid rich dividends thanks to their indifferent attitude.



Important sessions

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Its these kind of sessions which matter the most to take the message accross to the actual users of the train when introduced..

Tremendous effort folks!

commendable initiative

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Of course, only to be expected from Khader-bhai and team. Students are easily be the best SPV to spread the word.

Muralidhar Rao

Welcome this, this kind of

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Welcome this, this kind of programmes are very good. 



Whenever Namma Railu becomes

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Whenever Namma Railu becomes functional, nobody apart from Sanjeev deserves to inaugurate the system.

100 years from now, nobody might remember Sanjeev Dymannvara the civic activist but if Namma Railu is indeed functional then, it shall mean that Sanjeev has done something for Bangalore, which shall help the city for centuries to come.