Karnataka seeks Railways’ nod for suburban network

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Commuter Rail

Ministry urged to contribute 50 p.c. of Rs. 8,759-crore project

The Karnataka government has asked the Ministry of Railways to not only approve a commuter rail system (CRS) for the city, but also be an active partner in Bangalore Suburban Railway Company Ltd.

Two days before demitting office, Chief Secretary S.V. Ranganath on October 28 wrote to Pradeep Kumar, project adviser, Railway Board, requesting the ministry to give its concurrence for participation in the project. He also urged the ministry to pick up equity in Bangalore Suburban Railway Company Ltd. and contribute 50 per cent of the project cost. The project cost is estimated to be Rs. 8,759 crore.

Mr. Ranganath said, “The Government of Karnataka has been continuously requesting the Ministry of Railways to concur to the implementation of a suburban rail system in Bangalore. The State government had initiated a feasibility study by M/s RITES to understand the capacity constraints of the existing railway infrastructure. On the basis of RITES’s report, the government has already initiated action for preparation of a detailed report for the first phase of the project, setting up of Bangalore Suburban Railway Company Ltd. and acquisition of Binny Mill’s land for the project.”

Three phases

The feasibility report had recommended implementation of the project in three phases. Phase 1 will focus on areas where demand is very high and phase 2 on the remaining places. In phase 3, the focus will be on additional halts and increasing the number of cars in each rake from nine to 15.

Mr. Ranganath said that, among other things, phase 1 would involve electrification of some stretches, setting up an automatic signalling system, investment in facilities at terminals and rolling stock. This work would be classified as phase 1A for which the estimated cost is about Rs. 950 crore.

It would cover Bangalore–Mysore, Bangalore–Bangarpet and Bangalore–Tumkur sectors.

Mr. Ranganath said an investment of Rs. 173 crore needs to be made in the Mysore and Bangarpet sectors, which includes Rs. 105 crore on five rakes of mainline electrical multiple units (MEMU) and construction of additional pit lines at Byappanahalli and Yeshwantpur stations.

The Bangalore–Tumkur sector has a double line, but it is yet to be electrified and requires an automatic signalling system. The total investment in this sector, including maintenance sheds for MEMUs, would come to Rs. 777 crore.

Once operational, Mr. Ranganath expects phase 1A to generate about six lakh trips per day on the suburban network. Once all three phases are completed, the figure would go up to about 25 lakh trips per day.


Good efforts by earlier CS  S.V. Ranganath.  Its time we should get  the earlier CS  S.V. Ranganath to take active part and  lead this.



Good effort from the Former CS

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Great job done just before retiring! Hope the new CS is also as keen as the former in getting the project on board as soon as possible.

What is Mr. Kharge's decision now ? After the formal reqiest has been sent by GoK.



Railway Board's approval for Bangalore Suburban Network

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We have to appraise the new Chief Secretary of GoK on the need to fast track the necessity for a suburban service for Bangalore as it has been followed up by his predecessor. I think Sanjeev and other members of the Group know the channel to make the new CS to evince interest and concentrate on the subject, so as to wake up the Project Adviser of the Railway Board to immediately take necessary action.

As it has been planned by me earlier, I will give necessary input to the DRUCC Members in our meeting scheduled on 6th Dec at Bangalore Divisional Office, Bangalore, especially those members who have been nominated by the Central Ministers and MPs, as political initiative and awareness may be effective in getting positive result.

Tomorrow, i.e. 23rd, I have to attend a function, wherein MLAs of KGF and Bangarapet will be participating apart from Shri KH Muniyappa. I will try to talk for a few minutes to these political leaders; if not I will submit the details about the subject project with a request to follow up with the concerned authorities.

R Ram Mohan Bangarapet




Read between the headlines

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One the outset, it looks like GOK in all earnest urging Railway ministry to give the concurrence to the CRS project.  But, if you read between the lines, you will realize that this may delay the implementation further.   when you ask somebody to committ to 50% of the project cost 8750 cr  (which is unnecessary at this time), it definitely sends negative signals and makes railways think how big committment it is and take their own sweet time.

however, if the GOK is really sincere, initiate the formation of the company with the minimum equity committment of 100 cr each.  committ their part of the first phase A1 975 cr required and then ask Railways to commit.  

Also, why is it required to committ funds for the project from railways?.  if they say, the funds are required for electrification of bangalore tumkur line, let railways committ to electricification as their contribution so that they can use may be maintenance, upgradation budget to get things done. 

the trick is to get the phase 1A off the ground and rest would fall in place.  if GOK is playing games, it is time the people understand it.

Time ripe for suburban rail in Bangalore

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The government has proposed to set up Bangalore Suburban Rail Corporation Ltd. and the Directorate of Urban Land Transport is working on the detailed project report on suburban rail.


“The time is right for a suburban rail network for the city by making use of the existing lines. This can be put in place in about three years and will be a boon for the city,” said T.G. Sitharam, chairperson of Centre for infrastructure, Sustainable Transportation and Urban Planning (CiSTUP), Indian Institute of Science (IISc.).

Speaking at a workshop on ‘Urban Transport-mobility strategies for Bangalore’, organised by the State Institute for Urban Development (SIUD), here on Tuesday, he said: “We need to take this on a fast forward mode. The government has proposed to set up the Bangalore Suburban Rail Corporation Ltd. and the Directorate of Urban Land Transport (DULT) is working on the detailed project report. The whole project will cost around Rs. 900 crore.”

Prof. Sitharam said that the suburban trains needn’t have too many bogies. “Just four compartments may be sufficient. These bogies can be airconditioned and provided with Internet facility so that more number of people will be attracted to use this network.”



Urban transport is the key for 30 per cent of the population that is below the poverty line. With the city bursting at its seams, people travel long distances to reach their work places. So, infrastructure planning should address these issues while also focussing on long-term planning. “With a focus on decongesting cities, we need to look at mobility of people and goods, and not automobiles. We must encourage people to use public transport.”

Binny Mill land is not for commuter train?

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Yelahanka railway station to become third terminus in Bangalore

"He said once the land is handed over to the Railways(near Majestic), the new space would be used for maintenance and repair of engines and wagons. The vacated space in the Bangalore City Station would then be used for parking more passenger trains and also to increase the frequencies of trains running between Bangalore-Mysore and to distant centres such as New Delhi."


This is how govt moves project even after so much demand

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I hope this type of news are not true for the Govt officials for taking the project forward

This is after all in the interest of citizens,  Govt should give priority and  keep it on back bench.


Is it lack of interest by GOK or Railways ???

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Why GOK is going slow on this Project and not even raising this issue with Raiwlay Minister and PM in all forums ???

For same METRO project,  Chief Sec of GOK will campaign in Delhi to get approval and even replies r sent in 24 hrs but for this project,  it takes months to even look at the file.