July Bus day - My best bus experience yet!!

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To me, today was the best bus day experience till-date. I travel by bus pretty often, so i must add that I have not had any more comfortable experience before.

I dont travel on the Bus Day focus corridors, travelling from Girinagar to office near Forum mall. I can travel by just one change (two buses), but always prefer to change more often than wait for specific buses. I just take any route that goes in the direction I am headed to.

Left home near Girinagar at 7:55AM. Reached the bus stop in no time. Had breakfast at a darshini bang next to the bus stop. Less than a couple of minutes of wait (8:05AM), I had a majestic bound bus arriving at the bus stop. Got down at Hanumantanagar and took a Shivajinagar bound bus (no wait time today, but usually 3-5 mins wait there). Got down at Lalbagh main gate, and in about 30 seconds time boarded a Anekal bound bus. Got down at Forum Mall a little before 8:40AM and walked into office by 8:45AM...

That was relatively fast. 50 mins is all that it took from home to office. I take about 25-30 mins by two wheeler. Add 5-10 mins if I going by car. Add 5-10 mins for the breakfast!!  Travelling by bus was not really slow today!!

Evening trip back home was a breeze too!! Got into a KR market bound bus near Forum. Dairy cirle flyover to Nimhans signal was extremely slow moving traffic, all thanks to the non-existant road at Nimhans signal. Once that was passed, reached lalbagh in no time. Waited for about 3-4  mins for a Srinagar bound bus. Attended to some personal chores near Srinagar. Took another bus (again with less than a min of wait) to Girinagar...

It was a breeze today.. I wasnt on Bus day corridor. so anyone else with a good experince on any of the 7 corridors. Mysore Road/Global Village anyone?




 Well morning wasnt a good

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 Well morning wasnt a good breeze for me-had to g to M.G.Road from J.P.Nagar 6th phase(Both not on corridors)-however there was a special bus to majestic from j.P.Nagar which had one scribbled board that only the person who wrote could make out. Anyway a Vijayanagar bus came over and I took the same to get down at jayanagar. but my luck-that bus got so crowded in 2 stops that it was ready to burst-However about 90% of the bus got down at jayanagar-Just as I got out a bus on route no.13 left to shivajinagar leaving me-and there was a huge crowd with me from vijayanagar bus to go to shivajinagar. No sign of a bus for next 10 minutes. Again came a 13 already slanting towards the road-no option but to leave. Next 5 minutes-pushpak on route no.20 with a crowd swarming it-I generally hate pushpak and this bus takes a detour via Minerva circle so let it go. Again no bus for about 7 minutes. Then came a 13H  and the remaining crowd boarded it-it was followed in seconds by 13B and I swiftly boarded it and stood comfortably till M.G.Road. 


Return as I entered Shivajinagar bus stand at 4PM there we 3 buses waiting to go to Jayanagar-chose the newest among them and reached jayanagar in 35 minutes-shocking! the bus stop to J.P.Nagar was very crowded-2 continous buses ensured that it was cleared and the third bus brought me back home. So a good return journey