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About Us - Loksatta

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What is Loksatta?

Loksatta provides a political platform to take electoral politics head on, a platform which millions of Indian people have been looking for!          

Every time they look at the options before them, they wonder which one of the candidates is less evil that the others!?! This is where Loksatta Party comes in!!!   Political parties are the only way of engaging with the Government.  We cannot shun Politics. NGOs make an impact in specific areas, and independents make a short-term impact. But, a successful political party full of moral, upright, efficient, intelligent statesmen Leaders can make a huge impact across the Nation.


Loksatta’s beginnings…

A new Political Party was born on October 2, 2006.  After 12 years of intense work (in both rural and urban fields in AP)as an NGO, Loksatta, founded by Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, has evolved a set of beliefs, policies and approaches which is right for India, harmonizes conflicting interests, and is broadly acceptable to all sections of the public. Loksatta, through its state-wide movement in Andhra Pradesh, offers the best reach and credibility for changing our politics. Loksatta Party is now fighting assiduously to make ethical and value-based politics sustainable and successful. Some measure of success in Andhra Pradesh has been achieved with Loksatta’s Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan winning the Assembly seat in the recent Assembly elections. It is worth noting that Dr. JP won without buying any votes and against massive spending by traditional parties. Loksatta Karnataka, begun in  2009, is quickly growing, while simultaneously espousing important issues that impact the fabric of social and public life in the State

Loksatta’s Vision:

Loksatta believes we need an entirely new political culture, not just a change of players or rules every once in a while. To bring about real and meaningful change, we need to re-establish high moral standards of integrity, competence and selfless work ethic in public life. Leaders must again profess and practice the values and ideals enshrined in our Constitution and abjure personal aggrandizement. India’s millions of people have become cynical, and Loksatta intends to awaken hope and faith in the system, with a benign and egalitarian dispensation in which every Indian receives his due. Loksatta plans to transform the world’s largest democracy into a clean and responsible democracy by ushering in a truly New Political Culture. 

Loksatta’s invitation to you to become dynamic young leaders, candidates…

Loksatta Party invites public spirited citizens, young Indians, successful professionals, the elite of the Nation and those dreaming of becoming prime movers of political change to come forward and join us in the shouldering of responsibility. We invite such individuals to become our leaders and electoral candidates. Our candidates are chosen through a democratic/transparent process. (In fact, Loksatta is the first mainstream Indian political party to democratically determine its electoral candidates.) Check out Loksatta Website: and Karnataka site is at

We need to translate passion into action.

Join us: or 94499 94499