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Modern cities need efficient movement of people and goods both in and out o and within the city to reach their potential as productive, vibrant, liveable places. Bengaluru, unfortunately ranks rather low on all metrics related to mobility, be it direct measures such as road commute time and congestion, ease of non-motorized transport such as cycling and walking and indirect metrics such as urban pollution, accidents or incidents of illness such as asthma or even road rage(?). Many of the problems can be root caused to a lack of planning, implementation of piece meal projects and often poor engineering implementation. This document proposes the establishment of a Bangalore Metropolitan Urban Land Transport Authority (BMULTA) (or a variation thereof) in a suitable administrative structure and with empowerment to improve the situation in the general area. There are several global examples of such agencies in many large cities that have achieved recognized success in setting global benchmarks for large, well interconnected cities.

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5 Jun 2017 15:03

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