Study @ Domlur Flyover - making it pedestrian and bus commuter friendly

Ever tried changing Buses at Domlur Flyover, intersection of Inner Ring Road and Old Airport Road? Or tried walking over from Domlur to Indiranagar 100 feet road? Please do, take some pictures, post your experience, and if you have ideas on making things easier there, join this project. We will draw out concrete suggestions to make it easy for people to

  1. Change buses from Old Airport Road to Inner Ring Road/100 Feet Road and vice versa
  2. Make it easy for pedestrians to walk across from Domlur side to Indiranagar and vice versa

Once we have a document with concrete suggestions ready, we will submit them to BBMP and BMTC, and push them for carrying out the suggestions.

Naveen / Sathya / Pranav / Deepak V and others.

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Photos from a walk around Domlur flyover

Pedestrian Infrastructure

Some pictures from a walk we took around the Domlur flyover. Really hard to get around here in peak traffic times.

Most common walk here seems to be change of direction from Airport Road to Inner Ring Road and vice versa. Coming from IRR, to go to airport road towards HAL/Outer Ring Road side:


IRR/Old Airport Rd intersection Pedestrian Issues

Pedestrian Infrastructure

Naveen, SB & I decided at short notice to take a walk around the Domlur IRR/OAR (Old airport road) interchange to see the pedestrian issues in that area. I am attaching the route we too walking all around. Some points that showed up

1. Bus stop towards the city on OAR spills onto the ramp. Bus stop towards marathahalli blocks traffic entering OAR.

Hall of shame spot #2 - Domlur Flyover?

Pedestrian Infrastructure

Seeing purely from the point of view of amenities for public transport users to change buses (their direction of commute), I count Domlur Flyover also as a hall of shame spot.

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