Metro-BMTC connectivity - a study

Look at newly opened Metro stations, assess Metro-BMTC connectivity situation
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This is the project to look at newly opened Metro stations and analyze as-is situation on Metro-BMTC connectivity. A report would be the outcome of this project. The report is intended to help in advocacy efforts towards the expectations of public transport commuters such as:

  • BMTC along with BMRC should get committed to provide reliable last mile connectivity
  • Both agencies need to study the catchment area. For ex. work places like Bagmane Tech Park/ RMZ infinity have a concentration of prospective Metro users.
  • Promoting usage of shuttles as well as Metro, well defined stops for Metro pick-ups, with display of schedules.
  • Staggered schedules of shuttles. Higher during peak hours and leaner in non-peak.

Please join if you would participate in project activities like visits to Metro stations, meetings with BMTC or BMRC to understand their Feeder plans, and finally, contribute to writing the report based on all our observations (whats there, what more needs to be done, etc).

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Namma Metro - BMTC Connectivity Reach 3 to Reach 1

Metro Rail
Swastik to MG Road BMTC Route

Reach 3 would be starting services soon, we need to study a plan and share the same with BMTC and BMRC.

BMRC can also provide free service for 7km from MG Road -> Majestic - Railway Station -> Swastik Station.

I am attaching to and fro routes.


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Metro Feeder Gyaan

Project wiki to capture project team's thoughts, can structure this for the eventual report.

General Strategy

The Target Commuters

There are two types of commuters to target and please

Recce ride report - BMTC connects

Metro RailPublic Transport

Lets keep this post for BMTC related observations from our morning ride. Noticed a few things during the test ride this morning.

Metro Recce - Tue 1st Nov

Metro RailPublic Transport
1 Nov 2011 08:40
1 Nov 2011 10:40

To travel the reach 1 stretch to check on last mile connectivity..

Will start from MG road station at around 8 :30 AM and travel to BYp

Metro-BMTC connectivity - a study

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