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BDA: engagements and RTIs

Project number:2546
Opened by:silkboard
Opened on:Tuesday, 1 September 2009 - 6:45pm
Last modified:Wednesday, 6 October 2010 - 9:36am
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Let us plan meetings, Q&A sessions, and RTIs - basically whatever possible to know more about BDA's budgets, spendings and plans, specifically in area of public transport for Bengaluru.

As such, we have never tried to meet or engage with BDA here. This project would be the first attempt.

Join this project only if you want to help plan meetings and RTIs.

Material for first meeting with BDA

Everything else

 This is the planning for the first meeting we are trying to have with the BDA. Questions are generic and a little exhaustive at this point.  We will refine and make it specific and within an accurate scope with feedback


General questions

How is the BDA organized - org structure? Available expertise


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BDA RMP 2031 - General Public Hearing on 13th Nov's TOI

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Can we ask specific questions?

@everyone Could we be a bit more aggressive in our tone when we interact with them. Aggresive in the sense not blaming them of everything, but pointing them to specific projects and telling them how wrong they were or how they could have done it better. It might rub them off on the wrong side, but being nice (approach that we have followed till now with all other organizations) hasnt helped us with any other organization.
We could put up the presentation of the ORR KR-Puram discussions and present it to them, it will be more fruitful than just to have a feel good interaction.
@Sanjayv BDA's only source of income is through the formation of layouts and selling sites. Technically they are not required to build flyovers, tar roads, put up electrical infrastructure, etc within BBMP limits once they have handed over the area to BBMP. Since they had excess money in their coffers, they were told to take up development of newly added CMCs areas.
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Wrote to com @ bdabangalore

Okay, have dropped a note to com @ bdabangalore yesterday. Will wait and watch before trying other means.

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Did you write to the Commissioner?

Try writing to the commissioner - com (at) bdabangalore (dot) org

I have got responses from this email id.
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No replies from public email addresses

Either they have s super string junk mail filter, or public email addresses aren't really for the publc.

Will try my contacts next, expect first meeting for this project in October. If I can't manage that, will simply close or delete this project.

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Start with PRO!

SB, You might want to start with PRO. Syed
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Deputy commissioner or PRO or PIO

Okay, good point.

Let us start with a simple basic meeting to understand BDA. Not many do, so it should be worth it.

Will also want to know how they see their role if proposals like ABIDe's regional governance act comes into play.

Confusion of authority wrt BBMP is brought up, I will add BMRDA to the list as well.

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A first meeting agenda

 I think the things one would like to know in a first meeting are (a) How does the BDA work? Mainly (a) Where does the money come from (b) How are projects priortized- who decides basically. (c) What are all these projects lised in the 2009-2010 budget.  (d) How can we (PRAJA, Public) meaningfully participate and influence priorities, design etc.

Based on that agenda, someone like the PRO or chairman may be the right first target for a meeting.

On a separate note, meaningful discussion with the public is almost entirely absent in all our city's organizations.  The more I think about it, I am convinced that our public officials do not know how to structure the public feedback process (not easy, agreed) and how to brush off the thoughtless criticism and extract meaningful feedback that improves their solutions.  There is also a fear of protests and litigation, and so facts may end up being obfuscated.  

This may be something that we could help facilitate?  One way is through the website, but that leaves out a huge section of the population.  Something to think about.  Sorry for digressing.

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RTI or a meeting first?

Okay, so let us begin. Try for a meeting first, or simply start with an RTI?

I only have 1 contact within BDA, will try that one. Anyone else has contacts, please private message myself, sanjayv or naveen.

For a meeting, who is the right person to contact first. See the contact details at

Can request for a meeting with a cheif engineer or town planner (an email id is listed). Can request a meeting with BDA commissioner as well provided there is enough interest and we can drive a clear agenda.

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Meeting First, I think


I think we should try for a meeting with either the secretary or the PRO. If this fails, we could try dy commisioner or commissioner himself.

If these efforts fail, we should file an RTI regarding misinformation to the public on their web-page related to budget for 2009-10, along with a demand for a copy of their budget reports for last three years.

What do you think ?

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