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BMRDA townships and the new SEZs

When I first heard about Nandagudi SEZ, I was confused. After all, Nandagudi is one of the five peripheral localities where BMRDA is planning to setup integrated townships. If you dont believe me, go to this BMRDA page for reference, it says Bidadi, Ramanagaram, Solur, Santhanur and Nandagudi. We know that work on Bidadi integrated township is in the works, BMRDA has invited bids etc. We were told that once they learn things a bit at Bidadi, similar bids would be invited for other four townships as well.

With that background, tell me if my confusion is valid. To top it further, I read last week that SEZ things are in progress for Ramangaram, Solur and Santhanur as well. What exactly is it then? Are these peripheral SEZs meant to be competition for BMRDA’s integrated townships? Or are they meant to complement? Or, are they part of BMRDA’s peripheral plans themselves?

Metro Stations - Artist's impressions

Metro Rail

I must admit I know not about the authenticity of these images.

Here are some images (credit that tell us how our Metro stations are going to look like.


Train and rain

Metro Rail

The more I read about the way BMRC is doing things, I must admit, the more impressed I am!

Now they announce that they are going to harvest rain-water. They will collect and store rain water and use it to water the plants that would be planted beside/below the track.


Bangalore Metro @ Google Videos

The Bangalore Metro @ Google Videos ....

The Bangalore Metro Rail @ Flickr

The Bangalore Metro @ Flickr ....

Consultants bring rigor to metro

Metro Rail

Folks at Metro seem to know what they are doing. Of course their actions in past indicate that, but today they have signed up a group of consultants to help them execute the project better. Here is the news.

BIAL Trumphet interchange: work started

If you already did not know, when the International airport will be complete, you dont have to wait in a signal at NH 7 to enter or leave the airport. If you have seen the chaos at the Arrival and Departure roads at current HAL airport, you will appreciate the problem.

BMIC An Introduction

BMIC: Gottigere lake muddle?


Any updates on the Gottigere lake thing? Back in March, High Court had asked state govt and NICE to resoolve the Peripheral expressway alignment issue within 3 months. March plus 3 months = June, or latest July? Shouldn't we be hearing some update now?

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