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Come out and claim the road


Cycling and walking are difficult not just because of poor planning. It is also because of the mindset that only those who move in a car have status and road rights. Anyone who walks or cycles is considered poor, wretched and destined to be marginalised, if not obliterated. - - - This is what must change.

Road Hump Records...


As said in another post, I tried to create a road hump record using my basic andriod phone which just costed me 6.7k. I just mentioned cost to tell how valuable a phone can be, if it can be used constructively. 

The road humps are plotted in google maps, real time.. Also data can be saved in internet.

Urban Infrastructure how GOI is making efforts and further analysis


1.  Report of the Sub-Committee on Financing Urban Infrastructure

Submitted in March'2012  under Ministry of Urban Development.

Bangalore international airport access from Whitefield via Budigere ...


One of the problems that Bangaloreans facing is the distance to the new International Airport. Everyone talks about how far this is from City. Certainly this is a problem in the broader sense. The problem can be easily solved at least for some parts of Bangalore. Whitefield is one of the hot suburbs of Bangalore with so much IT industry focussed in that area.

GOK State Budget 2013-14 - What's in store for Bangalore?


So the much awaited state budget for 2013-14 by Congress government is out. It is still very early into budget announcements to make a real sense of each of these announcements.

Going by Deccan Herald's live blog, here is the list for Bangalore.

Source - Deccan Herald

Effective handling of storm water



Effective handling of storm water requires good roads without dirt. Normal dirt can be

JnNURM Funds

Karnataka state will receive more JnNURM funds.  Excerpts from the article:

My letter to the ministry of railways


Hi friends,

I have sent out an e-mail to the ministry of railways asking them for trains which I felt are the need of the hour for Bangalore and Karnataka. A copy of the same is here:

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