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Uses of streets

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There is more to a street than movement of vehicles. It also needs to be safe, usable and appealing for pedestrians, bicyclists and handicapped. It is also used for parking, turns, used by hawkers, etc. For better understanding we will classify and list these down.

4.1 People movement

4.1.1      Thoroughfare for motorized vehicles

a)      2 wheelers

b)      3 & 4 wheelers, light commercial vehicles

c)      Greater than 4 wheelers, heavy commercial vehicles.


4.1.2      Thoroughfare for non-motorized vehicles

a)      Pedestrians

b)      Bicyclists


4.1.3      Street intersections, turns and  pedestrian crossings

a)      3 intersection streets

b)      4 intersection streets

c)      Multi intersection streets

d)      Roundabouts

e)      Single turns from and into the street

f)        U-turns

g)      Standalone pedestrian crossings




4.2 Static uses


4.2.1      Parking

a)      2 wheeler parking

b)      4 wheeler private parking

c)      3 wheeler[rickshaw],Taxi and Para-transit parking



4.2.2      Hawkers

4.2.3      Bus-stops and transit facilities

4.2.4      Streetlights



4.3 Environmental functions


4.3.1      Trees

4.3.2      Garbage bins

4.3.3      Rain water run off


4.4 Utility uses


4.4.1      Electricity

4.4.2      Water

4.4.3      Sewerage

4.4.4      Telephone cables

4.4.5      Internet cables

4.4.6      Cable TV

4.4.7      Others


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layout streets

I would like to know specifications  of streets for private layouts.

Is there any minimum width given by the bbmp.

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