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Benniganahalli Railway Bridge Protest , K R Puram

The 7 th of August 2008 , Near Benniganahalli Railway Bridge , K R Puram ,Bangalore - 36 Regarding the issue of Widening the road , Mr .N.S.Nandeesh Reddy , MLA ,K R Puram Constituency met with the public ,as they were protesting for the widening of road .

Mr .N.S.Nandeesh Reddy himself participated in the protest and called the NATIONAL HIGHWAY DEV AUTHORITY people and told that they will call a Tender for widening this road within this 25 th of August 2008 .

As he insisted the people regarding the issue , the public gathered took back the protest.

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How about the bottle neck under the bridge

I am afraid by just widening the Beniganahalli railway under pass things are going to be worse at the KR Puram railway station under the suspended bridge. Widening the Beniganahalli railway under pass will result in traffic piling up faster in the subsequent bottleneck and will be result in utter chaos near criss cross just before the hanging bridge. As such it is already chaotic.

This area needs a comprehensive solution

  1. A TTMC - people cross the road perilously trying to get their bus here.
  2. Good pedestrian crossings (overpasses)
  3. Remove the bottle necks (both the rly stn and beniganahalli)

Viva la magic box

The magic box, if fine tuned can be used to create a RUB similar to the one near Kumarapark / Nehru Circle.

Ideally, both the widening of the road under the KR Puram Railway Station bridge and Beniganahalli RUB should be co-ordinated.

Even assuming our consensual and democratic style of approach we should be able to get this fixed in about a year or so. God willing if there is a miracle, maybe even six months. If done sooner, i will shave my hair above my head in Tirupati! :-) 

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Finally something to Hope for Better

Finally a ray of hope to expand the Benniganahalli bridge, which shouldhave been done some 5years back. Atlast the K.R.Puram MLA (Mr .N.S.Nandeesh Reddy) has promised to take the fight to NHAI. I am waiting for the 25 of Aug to see some sort of progress.

Co-ordinate change

There has to be a co-ordinated operation to increase the width of the Railway Underbridge as well as proportional changes near the KR Puram Railway Station.

I was coming back from Tirupati last night and saw the horror of the jam for myself while seated in a Bus. The road is wide on either side of the existing RUB but becomes smaller than even a gully road because the road is so damaged.

The Railways and NHAI are claiming that it will take 2-3 years to fix the problem. This is bull $hit. When China can build an olympic size stadium in three years then it does not take so long to complete the flaws in Benniganahalli and KR Puram Railway station.

We have to press on the area MLA's to exercise their whip on erriring officials in the NHAI and Railways. Only the MLAs can issue notices to the officials concerned.

Land acquisition is not a problem

There is not much high value land on either side of Old Madras road before the RUB unlike roads like CMH Road in Indiranagar and Mahakavi Kuvempu Road in Rajajinagar. Acquisition of land before the RUB and land after the existing RUB is also not a problem, provided there is will.

Modifying KR Puram Railway Station should be a priority. 

I will write a detailed letter to the respective MLAs of that area. 

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folks, while there is impetus, can request for a comprehensive review of the entire flow between OMR and NH4 and ORR at this bottleneck, including RUB, the flyover and the bridge? this thing has to be designed keeping the whole thing in mind.

Redesign the parking lot of KR Puram

I had a chance to go through the KR Puram Railway Station bottleneck. It appears that the parking lot for autos and two wheelers are occupying more road space.

This has to be modified. There has been some land acquisition but more needs to be done w.r.t the parking lot of the KR Puram Railway Station. 

Put an underground parking lot

Ideally, IMO, a underground parking lot for two wheelers has to be constructed by the railways so that the land over ground can be used for the road from KR Puram towards ITPL area.
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take action or we will go for ROAD RUKHO

The Railway Dept or the state Govt can build a new under Bridge in the city example near shivananda circle so why can't the govt do Road widening at KR PURAM bennigana halli Railway under bridge even this is the Main gate way for Bangalore so the area MLA also playing in this much problems we are suffering every day & Night because of this under bridge some times school childrens getting late for their schools and working people also facing the same and most of the time patiance want to pass the road through Ambulance also its not possible there is no any alternative bypass road to cross the way even the particular Bottle neck road also is very bad condition so kindly the respective Govt Officials or who is the responsiblity MLA should take immidiate action as per his date 25th of August 2008 other wise PUBLIC SHOULD GO FOR ROAD RUKHO and all respective public should be support for the issue.
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Benniganahalli Railway Bridge , K R Puram

Near Benniganahalli Railway Bridge , K R Puram ,Bangalore - 36 Regarding the issue of Widening the road , Mr .N.S.Nandeesh Reddy , MLA ,K R Puram Constituency has been promised that ill be call the people from NATIONAL HIGHWAY DEV AUTHORITY Tender for widening this road within this 25 th of August 2008 so what happend the issue,any improvement? 

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Benniganahalli Railway Bridge Protest , K R Puram

It's September 8th.


So what is happening.



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Pedestrian Safety

Hey I was toying with idea of holding a signature campaign purely by the citizens representation. I was wondering where should I go and have reached this community of people who have amazing responsibilty, idea and care for what is happening at this location. The priority to provide safe pedestrian crossing at these locations, either by Skywalk or Subway. I have named this project as "SAFE PASSAGE". The community's contribution will take this forum to next level, setting example of leading to acheive what we want and say. This community can represent itself to the respective authority NHAI and others as required being empowered with the signature of every individual who stand for this. Calling the leaders to this cause, I hereby look forward for participation and planning this event. CKannan
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Go For it...........

CKannan, Just go for it. Take the lead and initiate the process. I am sure Praja admin would concur with me. You have all the liberty to use the Praja forum to jump start any initiative that is in the interest of Bangalorea in particular and Karnataka in general. Start a new thread giving all the information about the initiative in terms of: 1. The Core Issue 2. What are the problems faced by public 3. Solutions - Go for low cost solutions 4. Steps for execution Call for support. I am sure Praja community would lend you all the support you need. Syed
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benniganahalli bridge work underway..

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