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EESL LED bulbs - quality

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I am wondering if the quality of the EESL LED bulbs distributed under the Hosa Belaku Yojane meets any well known standards. 

I tried to dig into the specifications but did not find anything. The email response from EESL was evasive.

Is this another scam?

When the government gets into subsidizing something, the taxpayer loses almost always.


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I dont know about the

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I dont know about the standards but have seen them installed and running and should say it looks pretty worthwhile for the money paid..I will try to get hold of the unit with the case and see soon.

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Energy Star ratings and LED bulbs

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It is not a case of "it just works" - LED bulbs fail differently than the ordinary bulbs.

Take a look at this article


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BLDC fans now

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Another piece of news -

I have used one of these and it failed in around an years time, though the company replaced the motor.

I wonder if we will get a "use and throw" type of fan now onwards. I am sure the fans using BLDC motors can be engineered to last a 100 years with attention to good design. But the profit motive will over rule all this.

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from bajaj bulb i received..

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LED Ratings

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Thanks Srinidhi.


Here is another sample (below) I found on the Internet to compare - Seems like the failure rate of F50 is very high on the above Bajaj bulb. And after doing a bit of reading, it is still not possible to make out if one bulb is better than the other for a lay person without understanding all the parameters thoroughly. And some of the claims of 25000 hours are not very clear (and what does 70% of the light compared to the original look like? One cannot judge that without a side by side demo). And below it says 15 years - that might be at 5% of the light output as LED bulbs do not always fail completely.



Rashmi 5W Wide Angle Energy Saver LED Bulb Features :

  • Green Lighting;
  •  High Brightness;
  •  Wide Voltage Range 100V to 300V AC;
  •  Last upto 15 years;
  •  90% Energy Saving;
  •  No Harmful UV/IR Radiation;
  •  Mercury Free;
  •  Specification : Lumen : 450lm;
  •  Power Factor (PF) : >=0.90;
  •  Lamp Current : 0.025A;
  •  Beam Angle : 230 Degree;
  •  Rated Life and Rated Lumen Maintenance : Max 10% at 25% of 25000Hrs;
  •  Failure Fraction (Fx) : F10;
  •  Lumen Maintenance Category : 30% for code 3 Color (F 2700 to F 6500);
  •  Colour Variation Category : F 6500, BA;
  •  Colour Rendering Index (Ra) : 80.; comment guidelines

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