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Few suggestions for KSPCB (PolBoard)

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Its hearatening to see Karnata State Pollution Control Board ( I would shorten as PolBoard) much active online. I guess its headed by Mr. Vamana Acharya.

Few good things they already did:


1) Created online complaint system. They call it as xgn. (I have not filed a single complaint. So I can not comment on its effectiveness as of now)

2) Facebook Presense

3) Public Awareness Program Via Facebook


I have very few simple suggestions:


1) A create a rapid mobile action force. This force is somewhat like Sarathi, Hoysala. Catch the pollutors on the spot, red handed and fine/punish on the spot. (Specially old vehicles, auto rikshaws)

2) Immediatly start measure and publish pollution data(Internet/TV/Radio) for all cities and towns.Urgently start this for

       -a. Ecologically sensitve places like lakes, parks and Bannerghatta National Park

       -b. For each ward/block/Mandal

      -c.  Around each major polluting industries.( To keep an eye)

3) Consider sewage overflow/trash pileup/human/animal extcreta  also as serious pollution in cities. Currently they seem to focus on other areas.

4) They seem to focus on industrial pollution. Urge them to focus on all areas equally.


Good luck to them !



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Forgot to mention, they have

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Forgot to mention, they have complaint system in Facebook too. So directly we can create complaints within facebook page itself. Good one..

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First complaint registered

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Got SMS confirmation. But tracking not working... :(

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I see total 80+ complaints registered. But there is no way to view them. One more suggestion to KSPCB is to keep them in public domain. I do not this there is any need to "hide" complaints from public.

Its the height, they have given password to see the progress on registered complaint ! BTW, its not working till now :)

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