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PUSH for BRT in Bangalore

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According to CTTP report 2007, 14 BRT corridors for bangalore was identified. There has not been any movement on this front, not even a feasibility study on the corridors mentioned. The corridors mentioned are..

  • Hebbal to Bannerghatta Road along eastern crescent of outer ring road (33.0 km)
  • Benniganahalli (ORR) to PRR along old Madras Road (7.0 km)
  • From ORR to Hosur Rd along Hi-tech Corridor (8.0 km)
  • Hosur Road to Tumkur Road along PRR (western part) (41.0 km)
  • Tumkur Road-PRR Junction to Hosur Road along PRR via Tirumanahalli, Old Madras Road, Whitefield (76.0 km)
  • Along Core Ring Road (30.0 km)
  • Vidyaranyapura to Nagavarapalya via Hebbal, Jayamahal Road, Queens Road, M.G. Road, Ulsoor, Indranagar, CV Raman Nagar (29.0 km)
  • Kengeri Satellite Town to J.P. Nagar along Uttarahalli Road, Kodipur (13.0 km)
  • Banashankari III stage to Banashankari VI stage Ext. along Ittumadu Road, Turahalli, Thalaghattapura (6.0 km)
  • Domlur Ext. to Koramangala along inner ring road (5.0 km)
  • PRR (Mulur) to Maruti Nagar (up to Hitech corridor) along Sarjapur Road (7.0 km)
  • Peenya to PRR along Tumkur Road (6.0 km)
  • Old Madras Road near Indiranagar to ORR near Banaswadi along Baiyyappanahalli Road -Banaswadi Road (5.5 km)
  • Hebbal to Devanahalli Airport along Bellary Road (25.0 km)

The DPR for phase II of metro which also based on the CTTP recommendations is almost ready.  What is stopping the government from carry out studies on which routes are feasible, considering BBMP is widening 400 kms of roads.  We need both the metro and the BRT.    And for BRT and metro to become a succes, we need good pedestrain access and decent footpaths.  Why not follow the ahmedabad model?JANMARG

And also media is totally focussed on the metro and its shortcomings, even single rod falling off the metro site is reported in the front page.  No one is raking questions about BRT  for bangalore.  Metro alone will not suffice.  We need to look at CRS also...

Can we take up one corridor and analyse if BRT can be implemented?Basically do feasibility study for any one of the corridors mentioned.







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BRT study report

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 Here it is one BRT corridor study report :)

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Lets do another corridor within the core city

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Since the feasibility studies for the airport corridor is already done, lets take a corridor within core bangalore and analyse futher if its  possible to implement BRT.  Since BRT within the core city matters the most.  Let us do more than just the feasibility, that link to the report mentioned above seems like a 10 minute job.. ..

Where all can we put the BRT stops on a corridor?, what kind of connectivity to BRT stops has to provided?Pedestrain pathways?Should the corridor be on the sides of the road/or along the median?


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Ahmedabad BRT is making the right noises

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3 cheers! Ahmedabad's BRTS is best mass transit system

"It's official now. You board India's best mass transit system when you take Janmarg Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) to commute within Ahmedabad.The centre's ministry of urban development (urban transport division) has chosen Janmarg - Ahmedabad BRTS project as the 'Best Mass Transit Project'


Cyclists directed to take dedicated paths along janmarg

""On Wednesday morning, traffic marshals successfully directed cyclists into the lane. This was an experiment to judge people's reactions. Cyclists have co-operated with us. The cycle lanes will first be cleared of hurdles and debris so that cyclists can pedal down comfortably. Very soon, traffic marshals will be given additional responsibility on diversions,"

Source:A few extracts from the media

Bangalore needs to seriously start thinking of BRT!



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'Pressure group' to push Bus transport

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Let us give it one serious and organized push - with about 10 volunteers leading it. This informal group/network can have twin goals

- promote bus transport in city (via Bus day like events, work with BMTC, KSRTC etc for these events)
- demand better services from BMTC

Essentially, a friends of public transport like group.

We badly need a BRT like thing,

- need not be a through and through dedicated corridors
- can have "visible" and 'real" priority for buses only at the choke points. Idea is to make car and bike users see and feel that bus is moving faster.

Vinod - I am with you on this. But we will need more people to be part of this "pressure" group.

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Think circular

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Assuming we can convert Big10 routes to be have dedicated lanes or signals at some choke points, we could think of some high volume routes that connect multiple radial routes.

Outer Ring Road is definitely one candidate, But if it becomes and express way, you will anyway have buses speeded up here. You won't get much points for putting dedicated lanes on a road where traffic anyway moves.

the problem begins when you get off of big roads like ORR. This is where "visible" priority for buses will make you and me think why not try the bus.

Think something like this.

  • A full or part BRT line starting from 100 ft road/Old Madras Road Metro station. Connecting with Hosur Road Big10/BRT.
  • With 4 or 5 key stops, each stop pulling people from local areas via local shuttles.
  • Connect points with 100 ft road station Metro and Big10 Madivala with facilities for quick change of bus/mode.

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End of BRT plans?

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The great traffic specialist says no BRT for blr! 

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Don't know why it is not possible?

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Well, any road with 3 lane is always a candidate for BRT. We also have seen demos of reverse flow bus lanes on narrow streets of London given by Dr.ASJ on Praja.

CBD of Bangalore has got so many wide one way roads with even 4-5 lanes such as Kasturba road upto Vittal Mallya Road from Corporation, Pallavi theatre road, residency road, ORR, Koramangala IRR. Where there is a will, there is a way. Thinking of problems only along with and influenced by the car lobby factor will never put these projects go live.

It may not be possible on all the Big 10 roads as ABIDE proposed. Metro/Mono is the solution there. Wide one way roads which are aplenty in CBD of Bangalore are always candidates for BRT. comment guidelines

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