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Monthly praja meeting- Novermber 2009

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Dear Friends,

Its time for the  monthly praja meeting, please give suggestions for the venue for the praja meeting and also the agenda.  The last meeting was held at byappnahalli metro terminal site, with just 4 people attending the meet.

Date: Saturday,November 7th, 09

Time: Around 8:30am

 My suggestionn for the venue: BETL flyover-Silkboard end.




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Please no. Its already planned on Nov 21 at IISc

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The biggest Praja meeting of all so far has already been planned, there are a dozen members working behind the scenes to plan it. The meeting has a name as well - its called Mobilicity.  Let us not have any separate Praja meetings this month.

Date: Nov 21, 2009.
Time: 9:30am - 5pm
Venue: CiSTUP, IISc

And almost all the Praja regulars will be there. All must come.


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PRAJA meeting

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Of course most of us will join on 21st Nov. at IISc.

But the Bus day was scheduled for 20th Nov. to precede the meeting.

We have to do the needful for that too.

Mr. Syed, Can we have a Skype meet including BMTC rep. if possible?


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Bus Day could be postponed to Dec or Jan

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Mr. Pathy,

Due to pre-occupation with Mobilicity, and this being Praja's first public event, Bus Day is being considered for possible postponement to Dec or Jan. Will confirm upon BMTC's confirmation.

I often see you asking for BMTC reps being present at Praja Meetings. Praja monthly meeting is for the Praja community members to meet and discuss issues that are of interests to the majority of members who are present during the meeting. Lets leave the monthly meeting to be that way.

If you have specific things that you want to put it across to BMTC, we can certainly request a meeting with BMTC Management/Staff. If that is the case, pls go ahead and post a new discussion thread with specific issues that you want to discuss. My suggestion would be to take up one issue at a time, backed up with relevent data, statistics and the problem statements.

Let me know if you have further questions.


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Bus Day

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If those who fixed 20th Nov. (to precede the Seminar ) want to postpone I have nothing to say.

It is only to follow up a single topic of Jayanagar TTMC which was visited by us in the monthly meet two months back, I suggested a joint visit. The idea is to continue Praja meeting on our own after the discussion with BMTC rep. esp. as it is quite difficult to collect Praja members often.

We can take up BMTC matters one by one when Manjari/Rithesh /yourself are available.



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Separate event entry

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Just to be sure, I have created a separate event entry so that Mobilicity is treated as a PRaja member meet as well. Here:

To save on possible confusion, moderators will remove this post calling for another event in November. comment guidelines

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