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Cyclothon in bangalore

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In the last week or so i have been observing full page ads about a cyclothon in bangalore sometime on october.  Seems interesting, atleast finally the need for encouraging cycling has been realized.  More details about the event can be found  here.  We should use this as a push for bicycle lanes on roads that are being widendend/planned for widening as the event logo and route map for the cyclothon was unvieled by karnataka chief secretary.  Bangalore can possibly set a precedent by being one of the first cities in india to introduce bicycle lanes. Are there any cities at all in india having bicycle lanes at all? How about asking the central government to fund this under JNNURM??Any thoughts?



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    Ironically the Cyclothon 

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    Ironically the Cyclothon  (which is to promote cycling) is happeeing on the NICE road which otherwise does n't allow cycles. I used to cycle regularly on this road. Now they don't allow cycles anymore. I have even offered to pay toll, Still cycles are not allowed.


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Bicycle Lanes

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I feel that bicycle lanes can be developed along the existing train lines - for example, there is plenty of space along the rail track between Yeswantpur and Bangalore City to develop a bike path. Today it took me 1.5 hours to drive the 13 km from Malleswaram to Kengeri, which I could easily do in half the time by bike - and get exercise to book. I feel its too dangerous to venture in to biking without bike lanes or quiet streets.



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NICE road cycling

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Yesterday i drove through NICE road from EC to gottigere in my car. There seems to enough land available on both sides and also in the middle to create a good cycle lane on the NICE road all the way.   But is it safe to have cycling lanes on the expressway, since vehicles  travel at high speeds on the NICE road.  For this reason  NICE discourages even two wheelers(bikes etc) by charging heavy tolls for bikes/motor cycles.   Can NICE provide barricaded, safe cycling lanes...?? is this a possible??Need to explore...






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Expressway and cycling

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Typically, expressways are geared toward fast-moving traffic without any interruptions to the flow. Hence the need and provision for interchanges (like "clover-leaf"). If the middle space is used for bicycles, some provision (read expensive, chaos in mixing cycles with 4 wheelers at the local road etc.) needs to be made for bicycles to get connected to various exits. More difficult than allowing cycles on the shoulder on each side.

Now for problem with the sides - they are meant for cars to park for a short time, in case of breakdowns etc. Imagine a car sputtering (say petrol ran out) and going from 100 kmph to stop and a few bicycles on the shoulder blocking the path. And, if there are 2-3 cars behind the first one travelling 100-150 kmph.....So, as designed now, NICE road is only suitable for fast-moving traffic like cars, buses, lorries, monorail etc. Some bright engineer may come up with a solution where cycles, pedestrians and cars can co-exist while maintaining their respective variable speeds, but it has to happen with physical barriers because rules are seldom followed and enforcement is difficult and poor.

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Safety and Cycling

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     The way I see it NICE road is much safer for cycles compared to Mysore road and NH7.  I live near Mysore road and go for long ride towards Mysroe road (Banyan tree,  Savandurga). I am regularly forced to get down from the road because a speeding lorry or truck is coming in left lane.  This never happened on NICE road. I used to happily ride on shoulders (when I was allowed there). May be cycles can be allowed near the cities on NICE road and average speed of Vehicles can be brought down to accomodate cycles.  It is time planners and motorized vehicle owners start giving respect to cycles, respect they  deserve to be part of regular traffic.


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