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Corrupted policeman in bangalore

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Hi, Myself vimal kumar. I am a student. The last month 30th sept 2011, I went to watch cricket match CLT20 in  the chinnaswamy stadium with my friend. we had the digital camera and pendrive. the security guard were not allowing us with these 2 we were discussing with the security guard that where we'll keep these things. we came from a long distance. He told that "i dont know but it is not allowed". so we were in tension. then a policeman who was standing there, came to me and asked about the problem.we shared our problem with him. then he told that " give me your camera and pendrive i'll keep it and when you come out after the match then give me a call" and then we gave our things to him , thinking that he is a policeman,so there is no need to worry.and he gave his cell number and i gave a call on that number, he saved my number and told "come after match and get your things."

but when we came outside after the match. we called him to get my things back. then he told that " i returned my home so call me tomorrow".

and next day we called him . after 4-5 calls he received my number and told that. I am busy so call me after some time. again we tried to contact him in the evening but he didn't reply. and from that time he was not receiving any call from us.

and after 3 days he received my call and told me that he is in mysore. he will come back after 3 days. again after 3 days we tried to contact him . but he was not replying. so, i sent him a messege that" my important documents are in that pendrive , so plz return me it's an ungent".

and then he replied me from another local number through a message that. "I am  busy and I am out of state."

I told him through message that atleast u can receive my call and talk to me but he never replied. and from that time neither he replid me nor received my call. I try to contact him daily but sometime he cuts my call and switch off.

How much policemen are greedy today, you can think. the person over whom the whole country depends on, they are doing these type of shameless work. I think these type of people should be punish and throw out from the job. shameless people....

can anyone help me that how can i get my things back.


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Why dont you make a complaint

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Why dont you make a complaint at the police station ? Since you know his name etc. it should be easy to track him. While there is no question there are corrupt policemen not all of them are corrupt - so try to see if that works.


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U are allowed

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I don't know how you are not allowed a camera inside, but in chinnaswamy stadium you are allowed cameras.


On your part, how did you believe stranger with your personal stuffs, I guess its wrong to call them currupt when you are negligent on your part!


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Well, given the circumstances

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Well, given the circumstances - the cop insisted it was not allowed - what choice did he have. Of course its ridiculous that they dont allow cameras etc. - it just one of the stupid `security' measures they take without giving it any thought. Cant blame the guy for giving it to the cop - but he should pursue it with the higher authorities.
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I got my camera back.....

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Today i got my camera poliman helped me....thanx prasanna....


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paid anything to get it back?

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Or was it simple matter of procedure. Do share if you can! comment guidelines

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