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Signal free road from Hebbal to BIAL

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This post is regarding the long overpass being constructed over the Bellary road. This Overpass is supposed to provide a smooth & non-interrupted drive from the Hebbal Flyover upto/almost the BIAL toll booths.

However, the civil works on this overpass seems to have come to a standstill - probably some issues/non-payments with the contractors. In any of such situations, it is always the mango men (aam aadmi), who do not have a red rotating light over his/her car, who will suffer. It would help if someone, who has any idea about the reason, share it.

Also the exact plan for creating a signal free access from Hebbal to BIAL is not very clear. there is a speculation of a connection directly from the Hebbal flyover. It then does definitely require additional pillars + separate roads from the Hebbal Flyover.

Moreover, this will be a toll road & hence there might be access control at all the points - especially the junctions.

Anywyas, like most of the city works, the BIAL overpass project also does not come along with it a transparent plan, schedule and timeline. The work seems to be at a standstill for quite sometime now. However, the toll booths near the Airport are happily collecting their haftas of Rs.30 from every hapless vehicle driver who visits BIAL.

Looking at the several ill-planned flyovers, non-existent pedistrian paths, now the recent garbage collection problem, many of the city planners seem to idolize Aurangzeb.



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Dangerous too, and I think some signals will remain

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Have seen a few accidents too around the diversions before and after the multiple construction sites.

And oddly enough, even after the NH7 flyovers/overpasses are done, it looks as if two signals will remain in place. Wonder what is being planned in the name of signal free.

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Good case for an RTI request

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This seems to be another of those projects in Bangalore which has no clear benefits apart from some vague "signal free" idea that our city planners(?) seem to be in love with. 

How many minutes will a person keeping to speed limits save from Hebbal to the Airport?  10? 15?   Before this construction started it used to take me 25 to 35 minutes to do this part of the trip?  Will I really able to do it in less than 15 mins?   And apart from the elevated road they have taken road widening to a new level with some 10 lanes down below.  I want to send an RTI request to them to understand the assumptions on traffic, time and fuel savings that led them to spend all this money on this projects.  

The only case for some sort of grade separation was at Yelahanka (near the level crossing) given the potential for a jam at the level crossing.

The construction safety leaves a lot to be desired.  There are no street lights for the most part now and traveling to and from the airport at night is once again a nightmare.  Does NHAI have no construction standards in terms of street lighting, etc?  How do they get away with this sort of rubbish?  I think an RTI is due here as well in terms of timelines, milestones, construction safety, etc.




Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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traffic mess at manyata park?

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Was talking to a friend of mine and he was mentioning that the flyover in front of the Manyata Tech park has been designed really bad..with no study on the traffic flow..and there are jams everyday just as the flyover lands..

I could not get the details of that so? and is there some planning on what can be done now?

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BIAL road & RIng road

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@s_yajaman, the grade separator at the railway crossing on the way to Yelahanka was the need of the hour. Instead of creating a Overpass & a 8 way road beneath the Overpass, creating multiple access roads to BIAL would be of great benefit. I know there are some throughts already on this but the action on this front is not really seen.

@srinidhi, the point after the flyover where we have the entry to Manyata is always clogged. It is very clear that there was not much planning done and all the focus was just to build a flyover. Also, all through the ring road, the service roads are not tarred all. They are not morotorable as well, what with big crators and potholes!. All the cars get into the ring road and do not use the Service road at all. In the Manyata case, this aptly applies as usage of service roads at this point reduces the amount of cars on the main road. comment guidelines

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