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Passenger friendly arrangements to board trains

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Commuter Rail

This is for all passengers who would find it diffcult ot enter and exit  railway coaches  from the paltform. I  have seen  many passengers who would need help / assistance to negotiate the  steps to board or exit trains. When we have to travel by train  the distance between the platform and the train floor is covered by 2 or 3 steps which are difficult to climb.

My suggestion is to  have a  collapsible steel ramp which can be retracted  into the floor of the train  automatically  after the boarding is completed & before the train leaves the station .

Similarly when  a train halts at a station the Metal ramp can be extended to meet the platform and be ready for people to exit

The width and the  thickness should be able to take in a wheel chair based passenger into the train and out of the train.

Each compartment has four doors two  pairs at each end of the compartment .

We could have the rmap extending onto whichever side the platform will arrive and this canbe controlled botha t at  the engine by the motor man and /or at the rear of the train by the gaurd. they have to just throw a lever / switch to activate  the ramp

This will minimize or reduce  the difficulties faced by passengers.

These can be set up in phases to cover  1AC, 2 AC, 3 AC , reserved compartments and then general and luggage ( luggage coach dimensions would be different). Additionally this can be  experimented and customized prior to finalization on select set of trains from a particluar locaiton such as bangalore

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