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Trees planted but WRONG intentions!!

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Pedestrian Infrastructure

Initially when the TenderSURE works started, it was decided that there would be no new trees planted. This was an autrocious decission as there cannot be pedestrains on the footpath without tree shade in our city.

The concern raised by the designers and colluded by the governament was that the roots would interfere with the UG utility lines. However it was easy to plant new trees without damaging the utility lines..this is detailed here

However no action was taken all this while. SUddenly over the last week, the authorities have gone ahead and planted very young sappings of all types including honge/neem etc on the flower bed close to the curb.This place is not at all the right one for planting trees (if they survive!) because of the below reason:

  • Roots will damage the UG utilities
  • Trunk and roots will damage the curb
  • Foot path itself will be damaged.

It is very evident that the govt wants to shrug the 'tree hacker' tag and become tree friendly! 

However wasting public money on such half hearted 'image makeover' effort cannot be allowed and will need to be stopped asap!

Proper design to safe guard the footpath and the trees with root barriers discussed earlier is the only way to get new trees on TenderSURE roads!


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All trees planted are dead As

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All trees planted are dead

As predicted it was a futile effort from the start and waste of precious resources comment guidelines

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