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Begur - neglected history of Bengaluru!

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So how did the Bangalore name come about? There are various interesting stories floating around..

  • Veera Ballala's Benda Kaal Ooru (Town of Boiled Beans)
  • The presence of the trees called “Benga” or “Venga”  lent their name to  this place.Vengaluru (the place of Venga) became Bengaluru
  • There was a big forest in this area and Kmpegowda 1, before building the town is believed to have burnt the forest. So the town built on Benda Kadu (burnt forest) “Benda kaduru

‚ÄčHowever none of the above or the other scores of varioations are supported with any credible evidence. The only and important metion about the name Bengaluru comes from a small temple village near Electronic City called Begur.

The temple of Naganatheshwara (shiva-linga) temple in Begur which is about 1200 years old (yes, older than Belur/Halebid) has inscriptions of a 'battle of Bengaluru' inscribed on the stone edicts at the the name Bengaluru has much more importance than the baked beans type of stories..

So what do we do about the place which hold the story about our past?? NOTHING!!


The functional temple as it stands today is in a very dilapidated state..with lots of carvings and structures just thrown around, while the 'saviours' of the temple a.k.a politicians are getting the temple 'restored' and expanded...Gopuras are being built and 'development' being done, without much planning.

This place deserves ASI's involvement to protect it from these harmful developments immediately. If the name of Bengaluru origins is not a reason, just that this place is more than a 1000 years warrants that it is protected.

There are various places inside the temple which has been damaged. All this needs to stop immediately and restoration in the right way needs to be done..and this needs to start NOW!!



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Suggestion on how we can force some action on this?

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Thanks Srinidhi, for bringing this to light. 

I wonder how many artifacts have already been swiped off by looters. After all, anything more than a thousand years old must have enormous value in the black market. 

Any suggestions on how we can get attention on the need for the preservation of this temple?


Deepak Rajanna

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I was talking to the temple poojary there and he was mentioning that some of the 'veera-gallu' have been moved to the museum in the city..but many are left behind..

The place also supposed to have a mud fort and Jain basadi..all again in a dilapidated state..

I was thinking we can start with a listing the artefacts with images first and approach INTACH, as Sathya suggested and eventually the ASI for their help in the proper restoration.. comment guidelines

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