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CAG report on allotment of sites by BDA - action take so far?

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I notice that there is a lot of halla in newspapers this morning on a new CAG report on financial performance of BBMP. This reminded me of the other report release last year on "Denotification of land by Government and Allotment of sites by BDA". embedding the report through scribd below. If you are reading this, please see page number marked "xi", and notice what CAG has said loud and clear.

In six cases, the Government irregularly denotified 6-12 acres in six layouts  between May 2008 and June 2010 pursuant to the orders of the incumbent Chief Ministers. These denotifications defied law and had been done after  land had been duly taken possession of and even while many cases challenging the acquisition process had been pending in the Courts.

There is more direct "allegation" like this, see this, on same page:

In six cases, the Government irregularly denotified 13-25 acres of land during  August 2007 to October 2010. In five of these cases involving 6-36 acres, possession of land had also been taken. In all these cases, denotification had  been done pursuant to the orders of the incumbent Chief Ministers overlooking the fact that the acquisition proceedings had been upheld by various Courts

Why am I writing and posting this today? Well, to share with all that I am not as excitec by newspapers covering yet another report by CAG. I would be happier, and public would be served better if major newspapers track and pressure action on any of these CAG reports.

Here, the CAG report I am referring to

Denotification of land by Government and Allotment of sites by BDA, CAG, 2012 by silkboard


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Here are all 2013 reports on Karnataka

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Just go here to find new CAG reports published in 2013, for Karnataka:

Read the "Overview" section of all if you are interested. Even if you are not, do read this one:

And, find juicy bits like this one, regarding Modernization of Canals in Bhadra Reservoir project, incidentally, again on page marked "xi":

The Company included price variation clause in the contracts contrary to the Government  directions, which afforded undue benefit of 50.18 crore to the contractors.

Looking forward to many of us reading all the Overviews and posting our summaries :) comment guidelines

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