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Some handy tourism stats - entry count at Hampi etc

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Its generally pretty hard to get stats on domestic tourism. The subject needs to be of high interest to us as many believe that domestic tourism is one of the things that can help close the urban rural, or big city-hinterland gap. And we are talking Karnataka, with solid tourism potential, and huge base of Bangalore to tap into.

Anyway, found these numbers in a PIB release from ministry of Culture. Provides stats on tickets sold at centrally protected ticketed monuments, for last 3 years. It has these numbers for Karnataka:

Monument 2008-2009 (Indian) 2008-2009 (foreign) 2009-2010 (Indian) 2009-2010 (Foreign 2010-2011 (Indian) 2010-2011 (Foreign)
World Heritage Site, Hampi 608973 43487 432915 33199 456777 35446
Daria Daulat Bagh, Sriragapatna 869981 32246 791645 25797 877806 26811
Keshva Temble Somanathpur 169868 16721 174271 11613 173892 11851
Tippu Palace Bangalore 111464 3260 118274 5376 138388 11851
Chitradurga Fort Chitradurga 227509 159 259461 494 318331 543
BellaryFort, Bellary 10141 9 6417 19 6125 40
TOTAL 1997936 95882 1782983 76498 1971259 80906

[Source: Archaeological Survey of India, Union Ministry of Culture, PIB release id 73604, Aug 1 2011, 16:25 IST]

After seeing a number repeated for Keshava Temple and Tippu Palace (copy paste error from PIB staff?), not sure if one can rely on these stats. But for whatever it is worth, I didn't know that Daria Daulat Bagh sees more domestic tourists than even Hampi. And, that the numbers took a big dip between 2008-2009 to 2009-2010.

Would it be possible to get similar numbers for top 10-15 tourism spots maintained by State of Karnataka. Are they seeing more arrivals, or less? How much money are they spending to maintain the top-20 spots in the state? Need 2-3 helping hands to develop this into a project, a data gathering project of sorts first, and then may be some pressuring and questioning of tourism ministry :) comment guidelines

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