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The interesting Metro update

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Metro Rail

Just read through Bangalore Metro's August'07 updates. Read through the first few pages of that pdf, and you realize that land acquisition seems to be delaying a few tasks - notice the schedule column, search for phrases "revised" or "after land acquisition".

These delays were always expected to be a part of the project, so no complaints there. But one key update you and I should look forward to takes the cake as far as disclosing information is concerned:

XIX | Traffic Integration | Traffic Hubs to be developed in : a) Byyappanahally b) Mysore Road c) Swastik d) Peenya e) Majestic | Seamless integration is planned with BMTC, IPT, KSRTC, Mono Rail and Railways

Success of this hugely expensive public project badly hinges on what exactly "is planned" here. How do you think the ridership on Delhi Metro today compares with their planned projections? 5 to 6 lakhs per day (unconfirmed reports) as opposed to 10-15 lakhs that was projected. Why do you think Kolkata Metro gets to utilize 10-15% of its actual ridership capacity?

This "Traffic Integration", rather "Transport Systems integration" is a key piece. I won't go into suggesting what needs to be done to enable Bangalore Metro to be really successful (because, simple, I am not the expert), but I want to know what "is planned" there.

Who is in the know? Anyone?

PS1: Here is a "condition" from Govt of India's approval letter for Bangalore Metro project :

Integration of various modes of transport which would act as feeder/evacuation systems to the Bangalore metro for improved ridership would be given high priority by the Govt. of Karnataka.

PS2: I don't have any data sources on usage of Hyderabad and Chennai MRTS (Mass Rapid Transport System), or else I would have rattled off some numbers there as well.

PS3: BTW, the last row in this month's update note talks about Metro extensions:

XX | Extension of Metro Programmed to extend (a) Yeshwantapur to Hesaraghatta Cross (5.5 Kms) in north, and (b) R.V. Road terminal to Banasankari (2.5 Kms) in South.


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there is some confusion, the north line as of now ends at yeshwantpura, with extenstion to hesarghatta rd cross in the plans, they are already planning a hub at peenya? BMTC's TTMC are also such hubs. It would make sense for them to incorporate a proper way to organize autos at these places. regarding metro schedules, do you know why all the 4 arms are not being worked on in parallel?
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Why not Electronic City on the Metro / Mono map

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Electronic City is the IT hub of Bangalore. Hosur Road is highest crowded among Bangalore roads. If metro / mono is to decongest Bangalore roads, why BMRC didn't plan metro upto Electronic City. Earlier, from RV Road, BMRC was planning to extend upto JP Nagar, now they are saying it is upto Banashankari. Why sudden change in plan? Extension upto Electronic City via JP Nagar would be ideal. It can also integrate with monorail which is planned on the inner ring road. Atleast BMRC should plan monorail upto electronic city if not metro with partial funding from Wipro/Infosys who always asks for infrastructure.
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Watch National Georgraphic Channel on Sat at 8PM on DelhiMetro

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This Saturday on National Geographic Channel, there is a program on Delhi Metro at 8PM for 1 hour about how they have planned, interviews with DMRC chief Sreedharan etc.
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Wasn't it Discovery?

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I think it is Discovery Channel. Schedule is what you mentioned though. I am also planning to watch that program if I am in town. -Shastri


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Metro extensions + Note on Byappanhalli

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I thought that was planned for next phase. Thanks to BMRC's reluctance in sharing any information on planning work for next two phases, we dont know whats cooking. But I remember reading around that phase II could include extensions to Electronics city and Whitefield. BTW, did you read that South Western Railway is planning a Yeshwantpur like Railway Terminal at Byappanhalli. Ho is this going to co-exist with the Metro Terminal there. Any idea? There is probably enough space for the two. But will these two share resources and amenities (parking, public space, schedules).
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White field and electronic city must be connected

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I think white field and electronic city must be connected in the first phase. If they donot connect, then the metro would have less impact, as most of the people are travelling to these locations very frequently. And also i think bannerghatta road must be connected somehow, mono is not the solution. Mono is does not meet mass rapid trasnit system. Mono is not even successful in the world. And also, these extension may be one way to post pone the deadline. As you know to post pone deadline u just keep adding more tasks, so that they to have handle more hurdles and hence more time. comment guidelines

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