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BBMP's online promise

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Did you know that Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation has an online RTI system to accept queries for information? Select who you want to ask, what you want to know, your details and it should give you a registration number. Then, use this registration number to check status of your query. I am guessing that the usual RTI query deadline of 30 days will apply, so you should get responses.

GHMC's equivalent for Bengaluru, BBMP doesn't have such a system. But don't be disappointed, it may be on its way. Recently, a note appeared on BBMP's RTI page that says such a system is being deployed. Pretty good. But hang on, BBMP hasn't set good precedents on online interaction front.

There used to be a similar note about an online complaints system coming online late last year. But there is no such system even now, that note of 'hope' is long gone, and they have taken the short cut of listing email addresses on their greivance redressal page.

Email ids are no good sir. I want to know what is everyone complaining about. I want to track my complaint once I file it. I want to be able to check status of everyone else's and my complaints. And perhaps more.

[Note: I have no direct experience using Hyd RTI system. I am guessing that it is in working and usable condition]


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And now Mysore

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Talking of egovernance, just read that Mysore city site went up and has a regular complaints system. Good work egov foundation and hope the site sees frequent updates unlike our BBMP one which seems to have gone cold on interactivity and updates. Even the tenders page has not seen anything for months now (the one about skywalks in Bangalore was uploaded back in March. 

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Mysore one is impressive

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The site really looks good. With all those well thought of categories and all. They even issue you a token number which I guess would mean you can track your complaints later. May be I should try registering a complaint and see how they respond. I am a resident of Mysore now anyway ;) 


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a step forward, but ...

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p & 3,

one step forward. but can we at praja come up with a list of desired features for egov that perhaps you can forward to egov people? that is can we collect our ideas about what an ideal gov website would look like?

i would like to see more fundamental information. in your words, a lot of static text.

how to get a site. what are the exact steps to be taken to assess the value of the property i have. how to get electricity. how to get water. what is the precise list of documents that i need. and how to obtain it.

how to make a complaint. can i contact BMP if I have a leak in my tap? whom to contact if the road in front of my house has problems. what are the type of issues i can approach you with.

I am an ordinary citizen, i have forgotten my civics lessons or whatever i studied was useless, and am un-informed and i need information. I have asked many people, and I have gone to brokers, and have a feeling that they are taking me for a ride. so tell me the official version. i know english and i know kannada. what information do you have for me? comment guidelines

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