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Cantonment Metro Station new location as per BMRC deciison, whose interest BMRC is serving

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Metro Rail

New location of Cantonment metro station wil lraise more question then to satisfy the justification :

Advantages of having Metro station infront of Cantonment station :

1.  Multi modal integration  will be missed between Railway, Suburban Rail, Metro, BMTC , Auto, taxi and  accessacibility

2.  Vehicle parking is very much  possible with multi level

3. Four side Access Roads to Metro station : Millers Road, Queens Road, Thimmaiya Road, Infront of Cantonment station

4. Easy to construct as site is easily accessable

5.  Future , this Reach-6 beeing extended to Airport, so will cater to Airport Commuters too

6. Any furture expansion from Railways, Metro  or High Speed Rail integration is very ,uch possible

Logic given by BMRCL exposes their weekness on all front  and  question need to be asked why they are in urban transport.

New location and  old  Location as Per BMRC map


Reasons given by BMRC for shifting

Required Location  infront of Cantonment Railway Station










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Rajkumar Dugar has raised valid questions on new location

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By Rajkumar Dugar


(1) What are the Pros and Cons – according to BMRCL – for this decision ?
(2) When you responded to the Media initially, accusing Railways of causing delays in handing over land, were you not aware that this was not true ?
(3) Have you achieved perfect integration with any Railway Station in Phase1 ?
(4) Isn’t there a strong possibility of achieving the best possible integration with Railways at the Cantonment Railway Station, if you utilize the originally approved Metro Station location ?
(5) What is the exact additional distance a Commuter / Passenger will have to walk from the 2 Metro Station locations to get to the middle of the length of the 2 main Platforms at Cantonment Railway Station ?
(6) Is there not going to be cost escalation on account of Skywalk, Additional Elevators, Escalators, etc. at the new Location ? If yes, what is this additional cost escalation ?
(7) Will the Commuters spend additional time to reach the middle of the length of the Platform from the new Location – by whatever means ? If yes, what is this additional time each Commuter will have to spend ?
(8) Will the Commuters spend money to commute between the Cantonment Railway Station Main Entrance and the new Location – by Bus, Cab, Auto – if they so opt ? If yes, what is this additional amount each Commuter (who decides to take such means of local transport) will be forced to pay ?
(9) What specific consultations have you held with the local population surrounding the new location ?
(10) Are you in a position to give a written public commitment to the locals that the playground will be restored 100% as it is now, immediately after construction at the site and before Metro services start here ?
(11) Are you aware that there are no playgrounds in the surrounding area at the new location, other than the one you intend to use ?
(12) Are you aware that there is a School whose children use this playground in addition to hundreds of Youth from the surrounding area who use this Playground every single day, at present ?
(13) Even if BMRCL does not have to pay for this land, what is the notional cost of this land at this location ?
(14) From what depth and to what height will you have the Skywalk for Commuters to walk across to the Cantonment Railway Station ?
(15) How will you ensure zero disruption to the nearby thickly populated area, during construction, and during operation ?
(16) Are you aware that presently there is only a narrow, one-way, heavy-traffic road along a small portion of the perimeter of this playground with no access from anywhere else ?
(17) What is the distance from this playground to the nearby adjacent stations on both sides ?
(18) Has BMRCL consulted the local MP (in fact all 3 MPs of Bengaluru), the local MLA (in fact all 28 MLAs of Bengaluru) and the local BBMP Corporators (in fact, all 198 Corporators) ?
(19) Are you aware that since this Metro Station is closest to the Cantonment railway Station, it will affect Commuters from all over Bangalore who take the Metro to reach the Cantonment Railway Station or to take the Metro from the Cantonment Railway Station ?
(20) Will you consider shifting proposed Metro Stations in future, if anyone comes forward to give land without any payment ?
(21) Have you informed all the Institutions (who are investing in this Project) of your decision to shift this Metro Station, and taken their clear approval for the same ?
(22) When the Cantonment Railway Station is going to be a significant distance away (1.5kms at least, by road), why do you want to continue to call the Metro Station at the new location, as the Cantonment Metro Station ?





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As per BMRC few days back, released location of station

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New location of Cantonment metro station which is more then 1 Km from Railway Station

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History of BMRCL regards to Integration

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Citizens  are beeing suffered on poor integration  and  made to walk for longer distance

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27th Aug 2017 protest at Bamboo Bazar Madina Playground

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Petition for Good Integration for Cant MEtro with Railway

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Request every one to support the Petition for locating Cant MEtro station infront of Railway Station.

This will go long way 100 years for Bangalore.  We need good integration with multimodal transport system. Why BMRCL wants mess it for Bangalore

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