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IGI Airport Vs BIAL

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PM unveils world's 6th largest terminal at IGI Airport

Delhi today got a spanking new world-class Rs 9,000 crore airport that will integrate domestic and international operations and is expected to handle 34 million passengers annually

The new terminal or Terminal 3 (T3), said to be the sixth largest in the world, was today inaugurated by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who said the Indian aviation sector has the potential to absorb upto USD 120 billion of investment by 2020.

UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi, Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel and Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit were among the dignitaries present on the occasion to dedicate T3 built by GMR group backed developer Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL).

Spread over 4 kms, 80 per cent of T3 is made of glass and supported by metal frames. The nine level terminal building would be used for 90 per cent of the entire passenger movement in the airport.

Comfortable lounges, nap and shower rooms will add to passenger comfort in the airport which will have a mix of restaurants, bars, cafes and fast food outlets in around 20,000 sq mt of commercial space.
Other Features : 168 check-in counters, 78 aerobridges (more than 64 in Singapore), 97 travelators and a multi-level air-conditioned car park to accommodate 4,300 cars, both first in India.

This is real making up for Commenwealth Games in Delhi in Oct'2010.  Great effort by GMR.

What about the BIAL Airport with respect to IGI  Delho now. I feel BIAL should act as feeder service  to IGI.

As Bangalorean, we have missed one time chance to have the real internaional airport. With just one number each of all facility like Aero Bridge, Escalator and few check in counters and no place to sit in the Airport in BIAL, we can call this as an International  shed fit for some exhibitions only.  Bangalore Exhibition center on Tumkur road is better then the BIAL




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Bangalore Vs Hyderabad

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Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi International Airport  built by GMR is far better then the BIAL.

Same thing with Multi Modal Transport System ( MMTS )  for Local Trains. Also MTERO   work  will also start soon Phase-2 of MMTS has been sanctioned and will start in another 2 months.

This way Hyderabad is getting developed in over all and  Bangalore is still boosting of Namma METRO which will take another 5 years to complet the Phase-1 as underground work of METRO is not yet taken.   Only 8 Kms of METRO will be available for  public transport and other streatches can  not be started as DEPOTs are planed at  Penya and Baiyyappanahalli. Still we are struggling

Hope now Govt wakes up and pushes hard for Phase -2 of  BIAL expansion and Local / Commuter Trains for Bangalore.  Now  IDD and UDD should wake up and put their efforts to bring real world class facility for Bangalore and not the project sanction like Silk Board Eleveated flyover  which is of not much  use for public. .


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I think this constant

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I think this constant criticism of BIA is nonsense. It the last couple of years that it has been functioning I have flown about 10 times during which  I have not spent more than 5 minutes waiting to check in. And then about 10 minues in the security check.  And it has never taken more than 20 minutes for my bags to come out - in fact usually by the time I get to the baggage carousel the bags are on their way out.

I think the way BIA works is fantastic. People may have complaints about the way it looks - ` boxy, doesn't represent Kannada culture etc.' - but if the latter was desired perhaps the bags would come leisurely and we would be requested to adjust a little to the fact that our bags were mixed up/delayed. 

I have also had uniformly good experiences with the Volvo busses and taxis to and from the airport.

On only one occasion - in October 2008 - I flew to the new airport in Hyderabad. My bag took over an hour to come even though it was midnight or so and there were very few flights arriving. I think the Hyderabad airport, while it looks good, does not really function as well and is much further away from the city. 

The only problem I have had is that once there was some fog delay and so a lot of flights got backed up and the terminal was a little crowded. But since BIA has free Wifi - unlike most airports - its not so bad to be delayed.

In fact I can confidently say that BIA is better than all the airports I have been to in Europe and America and the rest of India.



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BIA Phase 2 designing in progress

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This is the update from Carlcox at Skyscrapercity.

Got some inputs from a friend who heads the design team at HOK (he's responsible for the new terminal at Delhi & Qatar as well).
His team is currently working on the final blueprint for the new BIAL Terminal 2.
If his words are to be believed, think BIAL T2 is gonna give the new Shanghai Terminal a run for it's money (purely based on design & not the size).


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The new Shanghai Terminal ?

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You probably meant 'new Beijing terminal'.

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Flying from IGI Airport gets cheaper

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Flying out of IGI Airport here has got cheaper from today with the discontinuation of the development fee being charged from each passenger for the past several years.

Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), the joint venture company which runs the IGI airport, was allowed to levy Rs 100 per flight as Development Fee (DF) from passengers flying on domestic routes and Rs 600 from those flying to international destinations.

The airports tariff regulator Airports Economic Regulatory Authority (AERA) had in February issued an order directing DIAL to discontinue DF from May 1, after having allowed it to levy DF through a December 2012 order.

Citing the average monthly collection of Rs 30 crore as DF, the AERA had in its order in February said the total sanctioned DF amount of Rs 3,415.35 crore was likely to be recovered by April 30, 2016. To cover the financial gap in developing the airport, the allowable DF was determined at Rs 3,415.35 crore.

Last month, Directorate General of Civil Aviation ( DGCA) had also asked all airlines operating from Delhi to refund the development fee charged from passengers flying out of the IGI Airport on the tickets booked for journey beyond April 30.

DIAL is a joint venture between GMR group, Airports Authority of India and Germany's Fraport AG.


when we can have UDF abolished for Bangalore Airport ???


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The government should have

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The government should have built the airport between Bangalore and Ramanagara and developed the latter as a satellite town of Bangalore.

Devanhalli yelli? Even after eight years, SWR does not want to run trains to KIAL. This is despite repeated requests by GOK.

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Airport between Bengaluru and Mysuru

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Airport between Bengaluru and Mysuru would've made a lot more sense because of various factors:

* Single airport would've served both cities. Mysuru airport built at huge exchequer money is languishing with no flights and utility

* Basic road and rail Infrastructure already existed. A small augmentation would've achieved public transport connectivity


- Srivatsan

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Airport discussion

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Whats the point of this discussion? 

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Even the 2nd Run way at Airport, Hyderababd has already

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Bangalore Internataionla Aiport is messed for long term perspective.

Other day i was disucssing with ATC officer of KIAL,  2nd runway should have come on Devanhalli side and even they could have shifted the present run way by 100 meters towards City. 

Bangalore airport is built on concept spend less and make more returns.

Thats how the Industrial shed ( so called glass facade ) of Terminal built  has no space utilization. Arr. and  Dep have no seperate ramps unlike in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyd, Chennai

Now they have started building connecting road from Taj Hotel to Terminal just 100 meters away at Passengers cost.

Hyderabad has already 2nd Run way  Thtru Taxi run way where as Bangalore does not have  that type. 
Even Aero Bridges in Bangalore are very close to each other.

Many will emerge how KIAL planned and in long run, whole airport need to be revamped if r looking for 40 to 50 million passenger traffic like Delhi


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Sanjeev, I am surprised that

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Sanjeev, I am surprised that you are comparing KIAL to Chennai, which is a shed straight out of 1960s. The only space where the Chennai airport scores well is the connectivity

An ideal comparison would be with GHIAL. I was pretty disappointed with KIAL when I first travelled by KIAL to GHIAL. This was way back in 2008.
But since then, I must say KIAL has actually improved quite a bit after a lot of criticism was directed towards it by public and politicians alike. Where KIAL needs to improve upon is to make sure that it is well connected to the city.

My two cents on how to improve connectivity to KIAL:

It is important that an airport is connected by more than one mode of rail transport and from different points across the city:

(1) Commuter Rail from Byapanhalli via Channasandra in the short run: DEMUs  with AC and non AC coaches could be run for the moment from BYPL to CBPUR  via KIAL. This train could be used to ferry commuters of Chikkaballapur Industrial estate as well as in my humble opinion there shall be not many passengers travelling to KIAL. 

(2) Build a light rail transit system from Vidhana Soudha instead of the needless elevated flyover that is proposed in the medium term: This could be used for the benefit of airport commuters and ground staff working at KIAL. The residents of localities such as Sadashivanagar could benefit immensely through this line. This proposal shall be financially feasible. Residents wishing to reach airport from areas with metro connectivity could reach Vidhana Soudha and do a change over at Vidhana Soudha

(3) Extend the IIMB Nagavara Metro Line to KIAL in the long run: This shall be extremely useful for residents of South Bangalore wanting to reach KIAL. It is not financially feasible to build a new metro line exclusively for the purpose of reaching the airport.

Most, importantaly KIAL needs to have a monorail system in place to ferry commuters from CRS, Metro or Light Rail System to the terminal. 


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KIAL looks and efficiency are appears good today

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Long term perspective of an Aiport interms  furture expansion with Air Force station  Yelahanka,  KIAL will have all types of restrictions.

Event  the expansion of PH - 2 will create more mess for the Aiport entry and exit. 

Delhi Airport has METRO Airport Express and Multiple entry and exit by road for the pressent capacity.

Where is the plan for  multiple access for KIAL  for the PH-2 expansion. They r focussed on Terminal T-2 Building and 2nd Run way. 

Once the so called  Top CEOs start crying,  then they will wake up.


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An airport needs to be

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An airport needs to be connected from Multiple places and through multiple modes.

The issue of multiple entries and exits is not something, which can't be solved. It just needs some will.

What can we do about the airforce station at Yelahanka? Nothing. The airport should have been built on NH4 and should have served both Tumkur and Bangalore.

But is there a point cribbing about it? comment guidelines

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