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Our experience with Karnataka Electrical Inspectorate

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 Those of us living in apartments might know that an annual inspection of the electrical installations in our buildings (DG set, earthing, wiring, lifts, etc) by the KSEI is mandatory.

This is their vision (from their citizen's charter).

"The Department which has been striving to provide near perfect electrical installations free from electrical hazards has also ensured that safe power is available at the consumer terminals for use by the end user. The department has also initiated measures to educate the public as well as Licensed Electrical Contractors with the procedures to be followed in the safe use of power to be availed from the supply terminals. The department also undertakes periodical inspections of the electrical system to educate the consumers and the public regarding the dangers from unsafe handling and usage of electric power. During the said inspections consumers and public are also educated with the information and statutory requirements in maintaining the safe distances from live supply lines / terminals / equipments, etc." 

This is as good a piece of fiction as you will get to read!  A month or so back they did visit our building (twice in the span of a year because they had missed one the previous year!) and made a report.  

So we took the necessary actions pointed out and got a Grade I contractor to inspect and sign.  A few days later the electrician of our building went to the KSEI.  There the concerned person looked at everything and said very amiably that all this was fine but we were expected to pay Rs. 5000 as a bribe to give the certification and if Rs.5000 was given he would simply certify it!  Else he would come and find mistakes and then also disqualify the contractor.  So the electrician came running back and told this to my wife.  

So my wife took the matter up in the committee and it was decided that NO bribe was going to be paid.  So they got everything fixed (earthing pits were not in good shape) and once again took the file for submission. The electrician told the engineer that he would get sweets, etc for Diwali but no money would be paid.  So the engineer told him to submit directly to "saahibru" (this is the modus operandi when no money exchanges hands as otherwise saahibru might suspect that the cut is not reaching him).  Saahibru had left for the day.  Next day saahibru was there but played ping-pong. Again after some grumbling the file was accepted but no acknowledgment was given.

My wife was annoyed and she wrote a letter asking why no acknowledgment was given for the file submitted.  The letter (it had all details of date of submission, etc) was stamped by a third person and returned.  

We are now waiting to see what will happen.  I doubt they will turn up as it will be an opportunity loss elsewhere.

So as long as you pay money you can live in an unsafe building certified as safe.  That seems to be motto.  




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leeches all!

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@ Yajamaanru - Hat's off to your wife. Well, do we also say 'behind every tough lady, is an inspiring huband' :)))?

The Electrical Inspectorate has been a constant bug-bear for the industry and is typical of the 'raaj' regime. Another is the Pollution Control Board.

The irony is that, all the while, there has been a smooth and efficient 'raaj-less inspection' procedure followed by the Dept of Industries, for compliance under the 'Boilers & Pressure Vessels Act'. Even after my bringing it to the notice of the various industry and business chambers, none has really pursued the matter.

Muralidhar Rao

Approach Ombudsman at KERC

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I think you should approach the ombudsman at KERC. It works. Check this out: 

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Thanks MC

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Thanks.  If they harass us, we will do this.


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Good going, keep at it please

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Nice and inspiring story. Your wife must have built a reputation amongst city's agencies by now :)

I bet many have such stories to tell. But people want to share them anonymously. We need a feature on this website where people can post anonymous stories with good level of trust that their identities can't be revealed by other members and website visitors.

S3/SM/Jabba, if you are reading this, we need slashdot's "anonymous coward" like thing.

Sorry for the technical distraction, but I thought this is the place to reach out many who have such stories to share.

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Our experience with Karnataka Electrical Inspectorate

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we are experiancing same issue with Karnataka Electrical Inspectorate.

They have sent a notice that your electricity will be disconnected or will penalize heavily etc.          

we are a  small apartment comunity. We spent lot money to rectify all small issues in electirical connectivity.  We provoded class-I electrical contractor report etc.

Still they keep telling that you need to get earthing report and other reports etc.

Now we dont know what to do. They are asking us to meet them personally again and again.

When we approach electrical contractors they say unless we bribe more than 10K they won't sign the claearance paper etc.

If anyone has similar experience pls let me know.






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perhaps, calls for a Praja style meet

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May be we should set up a Praja style meet with the Chief here, as also the Ombudsman, like we did here. Will work on it soon.

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