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An aborted Chain snatching incident

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The chain snatching incidences are on the increase for quite some time now. Our neighbor lady had lost her gold chain to an auto rickshaw driver a few years back, during her early morning walk. Similar incidences are on the increase which has made Bangalore police to sit up and take note. Beat police on motor bikes are a common sight, during our early morning walk.

A miscreant who was trying to flee after attempting to snatching a woman’s gold chain was caught after he shot by the police in Banashankari on Friday evening. The incident unfolded near Sevakshetra Hospital in Banashankari II Stage about 7.30pm. Deputy Commissioner of police (South) Sonia Narang said V Ravi, 27, was nabbed after a bullet injured his left leg.

To day at about 6:30AM, when we were just coming out of the park at 12th main Indiranagar double road, we saw a person being held and thrashed by people. The person pleading his innocence was being questioned. People frantically tried to contact police over their mobiles in vain. My friend ran and brought the girl who supposedly was the target of the man caught. She was however not too keen to get involved. The man was beaten red and blue instead, my friend too joining the fray too. Though the crowd was for handing over the guy to the police, it was finally decided to let him go, when we dispersed.



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  I regret now that I did not

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I regret now that I did not carry my mobile with me. I could have taken the guys picture and put it over here.

How about taking finger prints on our mobiles. It should be possible to matche it wth those of recorded criminals thumb prints. It should be possible I think. Why not?

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Emergency helpline

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 People frantically tried to contact police over their mobiles in vain

We brought this to the notice of Addl. CP Traffic, MA saleem in our meeting last week, he checked in front of us if 103 (traffic) was working... If you can check if 100 (law & order) was being called by those people we can bring this to the notice of the police commissioner. There is a serious deficiency in the emergency helpline numbers & we need to highlight the seriousness of this issue. Let us document the failures of 100 or 103 or the myriad other numbers we are provided.

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I had a bad experience 2 months back..

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2 months back when I got down my office shuttle and going to home at around 9:30 pm, 3 miscreants came on a single Kinetic Honda CKE 1155. I was the only person on that road at that time. While I was crossing the road, they tried to play around me going back and front of me and getting close to me that too on the wrong side of the road. I thought a Laptop snatch / chain snatch and pretended to beat them, they proceeded further and stopped vehicle.

One 'gudsy' guy among them said that I hit one of them came in abusing with bad Kannada words and slapped me. I had to slap him back.  All 3 joined together and started hitting me, while I too had to hit them back to protect myselfwhile I was alone. All the 3 were drunk.

People flocked after some time but no help for me.  Everyone started saying  don't mess with them and go home quietly. I proceeded to home, noted their vehicle number and called 100.  Control room said that they will send Garuda, but those 3 guys left the place.

Next day morning I had to roam around 3 police stations to lodge the complaint, finally lodged complaint in Girinagar Police Station. No action so far from Police. 

If I would have got people who could have hit them like they did in the above incidence, it would have been good that atleast some action is taken on them. Police action unless it is from top authority / police station with efficient inspector, is not guaranteed was the lesson I learnt.

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How many more deaths before we say "Enough"?

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One more to the list of deaths due to unavailable emergency response.

...An aged couple Vasudeva and Vasantha were at Kengeri Satellite bus stop when Vasantha went to relieve herself, she returned and saw her husband lying on the ground, injured. Passersby called 108 ambulance but were told that they were busy and the ambulance couldn’t reach the spot...

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