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Storm Water Drainage Design Manual for Bangalore

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 While searching for storm water drainage design I got the city of Jonesboro Craigh Head County Arkansas USA, which was published in September 2008. It is not uncommon that each city in various counties in the United States has its own well researched and published Standards, based on local terrain conditions. We need to have such a document for our city of Bangalore. I wonder whether we have one such document any where near to the standards of this document. Yeddyurappa has donated some chunk of money to IISc as a result of which the brand new CiSTUP department building has come up.  It may be worth while to spend some effort jointly by Praja with CiSTUP to initiate some work in this direction, if not done already.



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This project would fit in Urban Infrastructure head of CiSTUP

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 Innovative Strom water treatment is the order of the day in challenging civil applications like Airports and Airport runways in icy terrains like Alaska [1]. Bangalore however though of salubrious climate is still not an exception when it comes to the cities roads. The city is crying for Innovation in the current storm water drain design which is of Roman vintage. 

In my opinion the steps to go ahead for he city would involve:- 

  1. Get the contour map of the entire BBMP city region.
  2. Derive the steepest descent contours from the above.
  3. Obtain the nearest fit with the existing road network
  4. Use required size of (PVC?) plastic pipes along both sides of all the city roads.
  5. The lowest crests would suggest the underground collection reservoir locations for the city
  6. Probable interconnection of these can also be studied
  7. Obviously The present Lakes are some of these reservoirs. 
  8. We come to the coclusion that all our lakes can perhaps be inter connected.
  9. The vanished lakes are the location for the underground resrvoirs? 

This project would fit in “Urban Infrastructure” head of the CiSTUP department of the IISc.

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Storm Water Drainage

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This is a fit topic for collaboration between Praja and CISTUP.


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Its money down the storm water drain which it is not

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 Deccan Herald report of 29 August 2010 gives an exhaustive info about a centrally sponsored JNRUM project started way back in 2007. This is one of the several Jnnurm projects going on in the state of Karnataka.

Revamping of the 842-km stretch of storm water drains criss-crossing Bangalore City is one of the major programs taken up under the multi-Crore Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission. Just 17 months are left to complete the remodeling which began in 2007. The work is limping while the money has been going down the drain. 

The Centre has approved the cost of remodeling of primary and secondary drains leading to the four major valleys - Hebbal, Vrishabhavati, Koramangala and Challaghatta in the city of Bangalore - at a total cost of Rs 643.06 Crore. The money spent, according the records of the nodal agency, Karnataka Urban Infrastructure Development and Finance Corporation (Kuidfc) is Rs 372.24 till July 2010. [1]










This is the cover that is provided by JNRUM Funds

























Picture of an SWD at HAL III Stage. Peple have dumped garbage inside the SWD from the road side which is not closed. I have those pictures too

The road side fence is missing as it was not erected, so people can throw garbage in to the Seawge water flowing in the SWD, where water flows all throgh the year Wheter there is rain or no rain. 

This JNRUM Project has Rs 270.82 Crores left to be spent in next 5 months.

Is this infrastructure development project nothing short of a joke?

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Near my house, there is open

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Near my house, there is open drain on both sides of the road. Again they dug up the road to put drainage pipe. They were stoneware pipes. I dont think they are strong enough to be laid about 5 feet under the ground with vehicles running over it. I deally they should have made the underground drains with concrete pipes. But they connected to the houses with PVC pipe!

I think the open drains constructed in Bangalore some years ago with granite slabs as side walls was excellent. Now the authorities have developed a dislike for granite slabs. They have been removing such slabs from foot paths and crushing it and a great feature of Bangalore is lost. It seems like such granite slabs only used in luxurious areas.

Such a manual is essential not only for stom water but also for waste water drains. comment guidelines

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