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BWSSB Ultrosonic Flow meters What can they do?

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I saw this leak presumably Cauvery water, during my usual morning walk to day at about 6:15 AM. Instead of picking up a telephone and putting in my complaint at some BBMP  ward office I thought of putting a blog entry on Praja. The BWSSB has installed Ultrasonic flow meters all around Bangalore  for detecting pilferage and or leakages.

   Picture 1. The Ultrosonic Flow meter installed at 80 ft Road

I am not sure whether these kinds of leakages can be detected let alone the exact location identified.

Picture 2. The Drinking Water Pipe on 80 Ft Road Indiranagar Laid beneath the foot path in front of the BSNL Telephone Exchange

Picture 3. The Water gushing at the 12th main 100 ft road Junction at Indiranagar


Picture 4. The drinking water flooding the 12th main 100 ft road junction at Indiranagar

   Picture 5. Another view of the drinking water flooding the 12th main 100 ft road junction at Indiranagar


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Does anyone have data on BWSSB Leakage?

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PSA sir, thanks for the pictures. Should ask BWSSB for what they capture using their Flow Meters. Would be nice to know how efficient BWSSB's distribution system is.

We may already have this data, might have been collected for Water Index project work, which seems to be in slow mode these days.

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Could be to check consumption

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These meters are probably for checking the quantity that flows past to get an idea of consumption levels across the city's various neighbourhoods. Perhaps it can also be used to detect leaks (if consumption goes too high ?).

Ultrasonic flow meters are used on fuel lines for large diesel generators & other engines in industries to monitor fuel consumption.

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are they working

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These meters are being used for flow monitoring.BWSSB claims that by these meters they can measure bulk flows in the network,

But are they working?  how doyou know if they are in working condition ? comment guidelines

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