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Bellandur Lake Fencing

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 Today, while passing by bellandur tank bund road, I noticed that the lake was being fenced.

There were two sets of fencing being done. One on the boundary of the lake - on one side of the road, and the other on the opposite side of the road. I did not have a camera( camera phone) to take the pics.( will try to do the same in my next visit or some other praja can fill on the same).

I am presuming this is part of this  project of chain link fencing a host of lakes in city.

I checked the tenders for the same has been  already awarded ( can be checked in this site . So, probably this activity has started for other lakes also.

This is atleast a start in improving/cleaning/maintaining this lake.  However, one thing to worry about is there is no plan of green belt for bellandur lake.  There seems to be no space earmarked for the same either. 



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Some pictures of the Fencing

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 The fencing of the lake has begun some time back. Here are some pictures.





















The location is near the temple at Shobha Lavender.



 The BBMP Fence Board at the Lake outlet going towards Vartur Lake. The total area covered is 920 acres.


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Hey Do you know if we can

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Do you know if we can plant trees inside of hte Fence, it is a very godo time to plant trees since the rains are going to start. Do you know where do we need to take permissions from?


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Bellandur Lake Tree Plantation.

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Excellent timing of the question Goli :)

May I lead you to - please?


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