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Nadaprabhu Kempegowda International Airport

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Hello friends am back after a very long break from praja.
I will be sharing some pictures from the inaugural function of the expanded terminal at Bengaluru.
Now called Nadaprabhu Kempegowda International Airport

I will add more pictures as edits to the main post please bear with me.

ATC Tower

The lovely ATC tower remains the same.. i shot this sillioutte a few days ago.
Higher resolution -->

For better resolution pl visit
he Terminal Building seems to have a lot more space all around but i hope its not going to sport some kiosks selling coffee and snacks!

The Crisp lines remain from the German Design - Zurich Airport
where as the curves representing the smile are the new modification

For better Resolution :
his extended shroud seems to cover the vehicle track and beyond which means it should keep the passengers dry ?
or is this only the VIP lane?

Roof of old PTB

for a better resolution visit
he old PTB tho an industrial design i feel was more "green" with fantastic natural light.
The new design tho aesthetic and "curvy" does not optimise the natural sunlight.


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How is this expanded Kempegowda International Aiport helping

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extended shroud seems to cover the vehicle track and beyond which means it should keep the passengers dry ?
or is this only the VIP lane?

My first hand experience is what the above statments tells.  It has not done any thing except the capacity which was shortcoming in the first instance of the Airport opening during 2008 has been made up.  So its back to 2008 tragets meeting,  but passengers will be burdened with new UDF.

For the Passengers,  visitors, its not going to make any difference except the debris & cosntruction has been cleared  infront of the terminal.  Its only Architecture from the Aerial View and VIP area have been given due importance  in this.

Only thing is now GMR Reddy is asking  for opening the 2nd enterance to the ariport which is really good.



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10000 SqFt VIP Area in the expanded Airport building

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This is really huge for the VIP  and common passengers are left  to fend themselves.

What r other main area developed :

A new VIP terminal of 10,000 sqft.

Baby care rooms

Smoking rooms

Prayer room

Two new lounges

One day hotel


25 retail outlets

13 new restaurants  

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swank airport

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Welcome back Photoyogi. Your pictorial contributions are already beginning to make PRAJA more exciting.

The airport was swank looking right from the beginning, and it's even more so today. Besides, with "Hatti Kaapi" stall offering excellent South Indian filter coffee at just Rs 15/- a cup, amongst other tasty bites, apart from "Halli Manae" stall too offering similar fare, the airport, I may add, has become more Aam Kannadiga friendly too.

All in all, a visit is generally a pleasant experience.

Muralidhar Rao
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GVK wants commuter rail

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Sanjeev Reddy of GVK is pitching for Commuter Rail to the airport at 5:30 in this video

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Thanks Sathya for posting this, GVK persons realizes importance

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As the Complet Bangalore seeing the progress of METRO and HSRL fate,  GVK person would have ready many time  via print news media about the Commuter Rail. 

For GVK,  Nadaprabhu Kempegowda International Airport to be more patronized,  accessebility will play key role in coming years, with 6 years down the lane and still many years to realize either HSRL / METRO, 

As cost of reaching Airport increases day by day  thru  Travell time and travell cost,   GVK would have realized  how best option for next couple of years if Commuter Rail provides even basic connectivity upto Trumphet interchange,  they will be able to take the passengers to Terminal directly. 

Hope he puts pressure on  Ralway Minister & CM of Karnataka. comment guidelines

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