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BMTC-improving the services/facilities- relying on Public Transport

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Hi Prajas,

A question that I often ask is 'Did Bangalore really need a metro'? Could we not have efffectively managed the BMTC/KSRTC bus-services.

We have private vehicles ( buses,autos, cars, company vehicles, two wheelers) plying on the road--- Having all these vehicular movement on the road, was metro a necessity?

There would be yes and no to this question.

What I would like to convey here is if the BMTC authorities effectively managed the transport system, ensuring connectivity to every point then the problem of one taking two wheeler/four wheeler would have reduced, if not occured.

Let us take one area - for example Vijayanagar and a bus route # 75.

This Route#75 plies from Malleswaram 18th cross-Vijayanagar Bus stand.

When this area was still under developing stage, introducing a bus till this termiums was a sigh of relief. Now the adjoining areas of vijayanagar have been developed and many more buses have been introduced to these places -RPC Layout, Chandra layout, etc. My question is why are BMTC personnels not revised the route plan for those routes whose terminus ends in vijayangar. - this creates traffic congestion when the bus halts at the bus-stops or at bus-bays.

Similarly the chandralayout depot - all the routes 61As; 176C end at Chandralayout depot- whislt the adjoining areas of Chandralayout, nagarabhavi, ambedkar college,malathahalli have been improved, but the connectivity at larger segment is still missing. Again there is congestion at the Chadralayout depot( buses plying to and fro) at this juctiion. A bus-depot should not be start-end terminus points instead, as and when the adjoining areas develop, the routes should be extended thereby helping the common and pubilc to utilize the services effectively.

I have just considered Vijayanagar/Chadralayout/Nagarabhavi/Amdbekar college/Malathahalli as an example.

If one happens to see Nagarabhavi circle during peak hours, it is in such chaotic situation that even the fly-over that has been constructed has rendendered useless if not confusing.

Still i find that many routes 238 series, have the terminus point till Nagarabhavi circle when it is not required. The surrounding areas where people stay need buses , accordingly extend there services, or run shuttle services if this is cauisng costly.

The autos here have become a nuisance adding woe to the pubilc, petty shops too are also nuisance.

So it not only helps in de-congestion but also improves the connectivity of reaching different destinations.

Opinions are welcome!



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Buses alone will be insufficient

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I agree that bus routes need more planning than what is presently being done. However, buses alone cannot meet the requirements as the city has clearly overgrown now with almost 7 million people. Besides, buses will become more & more inefficient with larger city size & increasing road traffic, particularly for long-haul routes, unless they are given priorities on the streets.

It is for this reason that most cities opt for exclusive track rail systems to supplement the city transport network. Buses would then provide feeder services for increasing efficiency at one or both ends of a journey.

Thus, bangalore, along with many other cities has planned for introducing additional capacities with metro rail & monorail.

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A map would be nice

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Possible to point some specific routing suggestions on a Map?

You are essentially talking routing improvements and last mile issues (autos and shuttles).

We have discussed these subjects a lot, and have brought this up in the meetings that various members here attend, but talking specificaly about an area always adds a new angle. Thats why the request for a map overlay or something.

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Thanks for your sharing your

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Thanks for your sharing your view points.

I will try to chart out a route-map. What i was focusing at was decongesting the traffic at strategic points which at one point was a bus-terminus. Sorry again to be focusing on Vijayanagar/Nagarabhavi Route.

The metro at vijayanager is going on in full-scale. Hence vehices that are plying from west-of -chord road via vijayanagar  enroute to Mysore road /Chandralayout are getting congested.

My only suggestion was :

To ease the traffic flow, the BMTC authorites should now ensure that the bus-terminus either at vijayanagar, maruthi mandir, nagarabhavi circle, amdedkar college circle be removed. Congestion at one point will lead to traffic jams at next junction... 

Extending the bus-services not only would ease the traffic flow but also would enable people and those areas which do not have bus-connectivity, where public transport is the only mode of transport.

Adding new buses or services is one thing, but optimising on the existing routes is one thing the BMTC authorities should do a work-around.





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