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Phase-2 - East not connected

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The routes chosen under phase-2 for Namma Metro are pretty good, no doubt. However, the east (except for Whitefield) will remain largely unconnected. This will surely get corrected in future phase/s.

The areas that need to be connected are Old Airport rd-Marathalli, SE ORR (with already a huge concentration of offices), Sarjapur rd (seeing rapid development now) & Koramangala. The challenge is to design a set of routes that connect these locations whilst keeping options open for future extension along Sarjapur rd, maintaining trackage to the minimum necessary.

For example, a line from Byp or Indiranagar station down to Old Airport road, thence to Marathalli, then down parallel to or on ORR to finally proceed on Sarajapur rd, & a second line hooking up Silkboard to this line at Iblur (via Madivala market, thence on Sarjapur rd to Iblur) would allow all these locations to be well connected, with interchanges at Silkboard, Ibalur & Byp.

More ideas, anyone ?


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While it is true that the

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While it is true that the eastern part of Bangalore does not figure in Metro plans, an argument that can be used (not by me :-)) against providing this infrastructure in that part of the city is the ORR.

Unlike the southern part of ORR, which is a joke (with no service roads although passing through densley populated areas and with no scope for further widening), the eastern part of ORR is better planned (at least in terms of having service roads). Besides, huge investment has gone in recently to make the stretch from Silk Board to Hebbal signal free with flyovers and underpasses. There are large areas on either side of the ORR which cannot contribute to high loads for Metro - Agara lake, Iblur camp of the Indian Army, Bellandur lake, Old Airport, etc. The existing BMTC services on this stretch of ORR will be thought to suffice for a long time come.

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BRT from Silkboard - Hebbal is the proposal

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Naveen, BRT between Silkboard - Hebbal is the proposal. Also there was a proposal for Majestic - Agara Monorail, may be they can extend that till Sarjapur Road intersecting with proposed BRT between Agara and Iblur. Question is will there be BRT in Bangalore? 

Also we may need similar BRT from Nayandahalli to Hebbal on the western portion of ORR.

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Light Rail on ?

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The small radius curve and steep gradients were the deciding factors to freeze on a light rail transit system instead of a Metro rail for a 40 km network. The CTTP had suggested Monorail/ LRT while other experts had advocated extension of the Metro on this route. Two lines totalling 20 km, of the 60 km recommended for Monorail or LRT in the CTTP will be covered by Metro rail in its Phase 2. However, the remaining 40 km cannot be covered based on the terrain and traffic along the alignment.

Full Report.

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Branch from new trunk line in Metro Phase II?

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Note that the proposed Gottigere-Nagavara line of Metro Phase II is mentioned as a new trunk line. It will make sense if Majestic-Agara Monorail proposal is shelved in favour of a branch from this trunk line (at Hosur Road checkpost or Madivala).

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My Locality is not connected by Metro :)

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Everyone says that this area it not connected, that area is not connected by Metro :). But, how can every locality be connected?

Now we have a plan which is good enough connecting EC and ITPL among which ITPL needs it badly, EC doing OK due to BETL, it is the time to push BMRCL for Reach 1 of Phase 1 to extend towards ITPL as per Phase 2. Work on this route and the connection to Majestic from MG Road needs more attention. Once Majestic to ITPL is connected, Reach 1 plus underground section will serve lots of people since people from every locality can reach Majestic by Buses and interchange with Metro.

Problem lies in Majestic Station since the tender was taken just recently and Reach 3 underground work should also start to complete the Majestic station.  Even without Majestic Station, extension to ITPL from say Central College can also takeaway lots of load of ITPL and ORR companies between Marathalli and Silkboard bound traffic. If BRT work is also started between Iblur and KR Puram, it would definitely ease the traffic.

Also we might need a some good transport internally like LRT/Monorail. More sustainable I think is to make busy and narrow roads one way and introduce Contraflow Bus lanes. Recently when I visited Sampige Road in Malleswaram, this though came to my mind why can't we have Contra flow bus lane on that road connecting Mantri Mall Metro Station / K C General Hospital Metro Station.

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Metro Map

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Thanks for compiling the metro map. But station names in the image is not readable. Can you please provide access to enlarge the image or host the image in one of online photo galaries like picasa and provide the link.



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Another version of the metro phase 2 map.

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Gottigere-Nagavara trunk line

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Four traffic integration points planned

The proposed new North-South line between Gottigere-Nagavara under Namma Metro Phase II will offer greater connectivity as it will have two points of integration with metro lines and one point each with city bus service and the railways.

While the two metro integration points are proposed near Jayadeva Hospital and Mahatma Gandhi Road, the integration with BMTC bus-station is planned at Shivajinagar and with the railways at the Cantonment Railway Station.

The alignment

From IIMB, the line touches J.P. Nagar IV Phase, BTM Layout and crosses the flyover at Marenahalli at higher level near Jayadeva Hospital. The alignment crosses another proposed line between R.V. Road Terminal (of the North-South Corridor of Namma Metro Phase I) and Bommasandra here at a higher level. Both the stations on these lines will be interconnected.

Continuing as an elevated line, the alignment will go underground from the Fire Brigade area on Bannerghatta Road till Nagavara.

Mahatma Gandhi Road

The underground alignment passes by the side of Mico. Crossing Richmond Road at Vellara, it goes beneath Brigade Road. The Mahatma Gandhi Road underground station will be located close to the elevated station. The new underground and elevated stations will be connected through escalators and stairs.

The Shivajinagar metro station is planned at Shivajinagar Stadium, which will have connectivity with the BMTC terminal. The alignment then moves below Queen's Road to reach the parking area in front of Cantonment Railway Station, where the Cantonment Station is planned. Both the metro and Railway stations will be integrated at this point.

The alignment then moves below Tannery Road, crosses Salem Railway line and then Outer Ring Road to reach Nagavara.

Full Report in Hindu


Some efforts seem to have been made at multi-modal integration. The exact alignment of the route between MG rd (UG) stn - Shivajinagar stn & Cant (UG) stn is not very clear, though Kamraj road, Cubbon rd & Queen's rd have been quoted.

Another stn at either commercial st (if the route follows anywhere close to it) & /or at Cunningham-Queen's rd jn would have made things far more convenient for commuters bound to these areas + enabled pedestrianization of comml st. in the future.

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connect koramangala..

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still feel the straight route(that too underground) after dairy circle with mico factory as a stop is not the best way of doing it..turning onto marigowda road into koramangala and then onto hosur road would serve best as to improve connectivity!

About the route after MG road towards Nagwara...its making all sorts of twists and turns to get to tannery it might as well make a more sensible turn into koramangala too!

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Gottigere-Nagavara route

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Connect Koramangala

I think there isn't any great benefit doing this since the deviation would take the tracks south-eastwards & away from it's general direction northwards. Also, there won't be the benefit of having a multi-modal interchange. The much closer proximity of the route for Mico would greatly benefit factory staff who are currently bus-dependent & help in reducing congestion along this part of Bannerghatta rd.

that too underground

As clarified by BMRC, the route is UG from Dairy Circle (near Fire stn) since the costs for elevated viaducts would be higher due to heavy costs for land acquisition that would add up. Laying elevated tracks on viaducts (either on Bannerghatta rd or Marigowda rd) would involve land acquisitions & also cause huge public inconveniences. Hence, the choice to go UG.

MG road towards Nagwara...its making all sorts of twists and turns

I think the benefits with multi-modal interchanges far outweigh the additional route lengths.

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reach will surely improve

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I think there isn't any great benefit doing this since the deviation would take the tracks south-eastwards & away from it's general direction northwards

We have way too many advantages with the koramangala detour 

  • Educational institutions (Jyotinivas and others)
  • Hospitals
  • Koramangala Industrial Area
  • Various Malls
  • Business Centres(including HP/Verizon/Bosch/Mphasis)
  • Madivala access
  • The route will also pass infront of Mico(main gate) too!

Phase I turned from KR road to Lalbaugh road and back to KR road..probably just because there was wide roads and parks..which reduced land issues..considering that, this koramangala detour will surely help public more.. comment guidelines

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