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Karnataka - highest tax generator in south

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Karnataka is the highest tax generator in the south & leads all other states by a huge margin, as reported in TOI today - See this link.

Collections have been an incredible 62,075 crores by way of corporate tax & 15,702 crores from income tax. At 2nd spot is Tamil Nadu with a paltry 6,120 crores & 6,440 crores respectively. This despite the fact that TN has sizably higher no. of assesees at 25,90,779 (Karnataka has a lesser 18,91,702).

This denotes that Karnataka's corporates are far more wealthy than those in other southern states & also suggests better compliance with tax laws in the state - something to be proud of.

On the flip side, central budgetary support for Karnataka has always been poor due to political weakness & alignment of political parties with central parties (ie. the lack of any regional parties to negotiate better for the state). An example is the poor state of development of railways in the state.


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Bangalore - 2nd in wealthiest

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Sometime back, it was also reported that Bangalore had the 2nd largest number of dollar millionaires after Mumbai.

Though Karnataka, in particular, Bangalore may have progressed economically, the reality is that much of the rest of the country is still very poor & has serious problems getting out of it.

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Obscene figures

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KA pays 330% more than all other south indian states combined? I wish our infrastructure this obscenely skewed in comparision

An example is the poor state of development of railways in the state.

Agree, basically we are punished for paying taxes. See railway coverage compared to some other states

States Area (SQ KM) Tracks (KM) Coverage
AP 275045 5172 1.9%
GJ 196024 5328 2.7%
KA 191791 3250 1.7%
KL 38,863 1050 2.7%
MH 307,713 5535 1.8%
TN 130058 4131 3.2%

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(Mis)Alignment with Central Govt.

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If we look at Center-State political mis-alignment in Karnataka, I think it all started in 1977.

The rest of country threw out Congress and brought in the Janta Party and variants.  We did not. 

Later, when we had Congress in the center, we had Janata Party here.  Earlier this decade, when the BJP was in power at the center, we had Congress, then JD here.  Now that UPA is around, we have BJP here.

To top it all, our MPs do not place State above their political parties sufficiently, unlike TN, where we see many more all-party representations to the center. comment guidelines

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