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Why this Kolaveri Central Government?

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Metro Rail


Hi People look at this, can we do something about it? Why do we need to wait for years to get an approval while other states get everything so easily? Can we file an RTI?

Commuter rail could have made bangalore a cheaper place but no a not so densely populated hydrabad can get commuter rail , chennai ,mumbai,kolkata can get renovations and extensions but Bangalore noways.

Bangalore road to Airport is a toll road, Airport is PPP while Chennai airport is govrnment owned and they are expanding it.

Coming to the point -


WAITING FOR NOD -namma metro

Sivasailam said BMRC has been waiting for three-and-ahalf years to get clearance for constructing a viaduct above the railway line.Except for the 66-metre span over the railway line in Srirampura near Malleswaram,civil works on the track of the northern line are over.We have written to the Railways to give clearance for the viaduct.We are also awaiting permission from the commissioner for railway safety, he said.
He hinted that the entire northern reach is ready for operations but for the Malleswaram station.It can start from the northern depot up to the station on Maha Kavi Kuvempu Road.

Railway authorities have cleared six of the eight rail crossings pretty quickly but want the metro rail authorities to either go underground or move the sections slightly away from the station. But, it was pointed out that fresh technical and financial issues will arise if the alignment is changed from the proposed overhead crossings.

The green signal came following detailed exchange of drawings and information by both parties.
Overhead crossings

Other places where the overhead crossings will come are at: Line One - Miyapur-LB Nagar at Bharatnagar, Lakdikapul and Malakpet stations. Line Three at Chilkalguda, Alugaddabhavi and Begumpet.

“Metro crossings will be done in coordination with railway authorities as the work has to be done without affecting the train's movement,” pointed out senior officials of Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) and L&T Hyderabad Metro Rail, elated over the cooperation extended by SCR officials.


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reach out to KH Muniyappa

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having a minister in the railways and not using his good offices is literally a crime!

All BMRCL needs to do is involve him much more in the activities of Namma Metro(invite him to inagurate something) and place all these issues to him infront of public and I am sure he will respond well!

but who is to manage the egos at BMRCL offices..or is there a plan internally  to slow down metro for certain reasons!!?

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you reap what you sow

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you reap what you sow

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State may get Rs 294 cr as drought relief

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The Centre is likely to sanction Rs 294 crore as grant for drought relief to Karnataka. This means that the State gets just eight per cent of the total relief of Rs 3,605 crore it had sought from the Union government.

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Metro phase 2 Stations on Whitefield road

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hi, i got a map from bbmp which was forwarded by one of the consultants of  Namma Metro. This map depicts the land requirements for  Narayanapura Station located at  B.Narayanapura bus stop(close to Honda city showroom), whitefield road.  According to the map, the size of the station is 100 meter x 185 meters.  About 100 houses and a school in B.Narayanapura is facing demolition.

Eventhough  large chunk of  Government land exists in the close vicinity. BMRCL is targetting a residential area for its staion.  B.Narayanapura Residents Welfare Association has opposed the demolition of houses and a school.  The residents associations from Ramamurthynagar and Jyothipura has expressed support for B.Narayanapura Residents Association.  

The residents are upset that  BMRCL has not consulted the residents  nor the elected representatives before planning for acquiring land for metro station which will demolish 100 houses and a school

Meanwhile, the works on the Namm metro phase 2  soil testing work is commenced  in  front of  Pai Layout , old madras road.   There is a namma metro station  near TTK factory which will extended upto Tin Factory.   Another station will come up  opposite to  K.R.Puram Railway station(in the lowry school land ) .  As the metro work has started on white field road, one can imagine the traffic blocks in the morning and evenings

if any has more info on this, please share

Madhu Sudhan R



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@ Madhu Sudhan reg metro station

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I am very surprised by your comment.  Are you sure of these numbers - 100 houses and a school.  Going by the track record of demolitions in Metro work so far, that number would be a real surprise.  According to the BMRCL website, total number of properties possessed and demolished in all phases of metro work so far is 852. So 100 for a single station seems outrageous.

Are you sure you have accounted for the fact that the metro stations are elevated?  BTW, can you scan and upload a copy of the documents in your posession?

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might is right!

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If you look at the Trinity station that is operational now..its built on the Nalli SIlks land..the Govt Hostel vacant land is right next to it but BMRCL did not opt for it..the reasons are very evident..cos its Oberoi hotel on the opposite side of the hostel and they hold a bigger clout!

However there could be some other valid reasons for the B.Narayanapura station..for example the proximity to the Oil storage facility which is close..the availabilty of railways land etc..

100 homes to be demolished sounds way too high..have all these 100 houses got notices?

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would 10 houses is OK, but not 100?

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Are we suggesting that it is OK if only 10 houses can be demolished for MTERO? I am sure as Srinidhi said, might has way.

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Are 10 houses Okay?

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Are we suggesting that it is OK if only 10 houses can be demolished for METRO?

Where are you reading all that Syed?  Why go all provocative here?  Generally speaking, house demolition, tree cutting etc. are undesirable and should be avoided to the maximum extent possible.  However, I am not going to be a fool and say that the METRO can be built without cutting ten trees or damaging ten houses.  It is a good goal, but hard to accomplish in practice.

As to why the station is located there... If one wants to speculate, it will be right next to the huge Brigade complex there.  Maybe that is why?

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1 or 100 !

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According to the BMRCL website, total number of properties possessed and demolished in all phases of metro work so far is 852.

I am reading from info given in your comment? Provocative?

Let us step back and ask our selves, how would we react if this would happen to our dwellings however noble the purpose is?

Question is not about numbers, it is how it was done and how the affected ones were rehabilitated and compensated? I am all for the information. But who will give you? Given the BMRCL record on providing info and transparent is known to all i.e BMRCL is sitting on RTI applications for months/years.

It is about upfront and truthful. Lets not fool ourselves that everything in METRO is as pure as white.

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I give up

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Syed,  I was simply talking logic.  852 buildings for 42 odd km of track and many stations (do not know exact number off hand).  So I am saying, 100 buildings for one station does not add up. You are putting words in my mouth by making a provocative statement that demolishing 10 buildings is okay. Nobody said that. Neither did I defend the metro or say that it is pure or white or whatever the words you choose to use. Let us not waste time in these arguments.

I think it is safe to bet that that most people on this forum are for public disclosure, fairness, transparency and all that.  That is an entirely different issue from crying murder when buildings have to be demolished or trees cut.  As much as it is saddening and repulsive, sometimes those things are necessary and they happen the world over.  Do you know how many people were dispaced in some cities such as Houston when America's "glorious" interstate system was built? Obviously, nobody likes it when it is their building or home getting razed.

In this case, I fully support any arguments for alternate station sites and for BMRCL to disclose the reasons behind that choice and to listen to the public.  However, let us please keep the debate restricted to that aspect rather than go off track.

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Where is the information on BMRCL?

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Neither I am trying to put words in the mouth nor making any outlandish accusations. My comments was more of a rhetoric in response to your rationalization of 850 properties for:

42.3 Kms of track length (33.48 Elevated, 8.82 underground)

40 stations (33 elevated, 7 underground)

Source - BMRCL

Apologies if it was understood otherwise.

I fully support any arguments for alternate station sites and for BMRCL to disclose the reasons behind that choice and to listen to the public. However, let us please keep the debate restricted to that aspect rather than go off track.

Without getting into rationalization or trying to make a guess, I tried to check BMRCL site and see if there is any information on any stations, leave alone Narayanpura station for selection, land acquisition and compensation. In the short time I spent on my search except for these  geotechnical investigation  and R1DDC documents I couldn't find anything that I was looking for. Moreover these are tender documents and hence didn't expected to be information worthy.

Anyway, quest for this information would be far more worthy than our friendly spat :)

What is the best way to obtain that information? RTI? Request to BMRCL? comment guidelines

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