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Quiz on Namma Anti-hero's of recent past

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I had an occasion to set a quiz for a group of friends recently. I set one round on the above subject, and the following were the questions:

1) Refused food and liquor, a former education minister's son and his friends flew into a rage and allegedly set fire to a restaurant (near Mysore)'s thatched enclosure. Name the minister and the son.

2) This twosome abused and slapped police constables who came to Skyye lounge bar, Bangalore, to enforce closure timings - name them.

3) Name the Karnataka MLA, who, upset by a blocked road in Banaswadi, allegedly slapped a traffic constable on duty.

4) In the dock for allegedly taking objectionable photos of a woman, this high ranking police officer went on to accuse the city police commissioner of practising "untouchability" against him (a Scheduled Caste member), when the Commissioner suggested that they travel in their individual cars when going to meet the DGP - name him.

5) CID probing the Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC) recruitment scam has found that 15 per cent of the total aspirants paid bribes ranging from Rs. 45 lakh to Rs. 75 lakh fixed by the Chairman and other members of the commission - Name the Chairman.

6) Name the backward classes and minorities welfare committee member who headed a 19-member team including 13 MLAs, officials and staff of the legislative assembly secretariat, which went on a junket in Dec '13 to take in the sun and sand in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

7) When reporters told the minister, at an interaction that there are no direct bus connections to Karwar between 10pm and 5am, he said: "If you have no bus facility to your city during night hours, then don't travel at night. Travelling at night is ketta chata (a bad habit). Even I do not travel after 10pm." "Those who leave places like Hubli after 10pm must be going there to watch movies. So it is an individual problem, and I cannot help," the minister said. He suggested people avoid night travel like him. Which minister?

8) He said that several officials are into rampant corruption and they go scot free, while politicians are targeted for telling the truth by the media. Referring to BJP MLA Vishwanath’s charges that a sub-registrar takes away a bribe of `10 lakh per day, he said that the officials earn as much as Rs 36 crore as bribe every year. “I have come out telling the truth. I do not know when you will tell the truth,” he said. He accused the media for projecting him as a ‘villain’ and ‘a murderer of democracy.’ Who?

I'll give Prajagalu a week to furnish the answers. Those getting full correct answers will be rewarded suitably.

Muralidhar Rao


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1) Sri A H Viswanath & son Poorvaj
2) MLA Sri Vijayanand Kashappannavar, and sidekick Some Gowda
3) KR Puram MLA Sri Byrathi Basavaraj
4) ADGP Sri P Ravindranath
5) Sri Gonal Bheemappa.
6) Congress MLA Sri BR Yavagal
7) Tourism minister, Sri R V Deshpande
8) Former CM, Sri Kumaraswamy

Muralidhar Rao
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way too many to list

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way too many to list sir..

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