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S I Srinivas T R - my nominee for this year-end Namma Bengaluru award

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Five youths allegedly duped policemen by providing false vehicle registration details after they were booked for vrooming recklessly in super luxury cars on Sunday. Three of of the five claimed to be related to influential politicians and builders, and allegedly intimidated policemen who chased and caught them at a plush hotel. One of them allegedly tried to kick a constable. Politicians’ aides and an ADGP-rank officer took to task the policemen who had booked the youths, police sources said.

Of the three cars involved, only one — a Porsche — was seized. The other two, both Jaguars, were allowed to go, thanks to the offenders’ clout, a source said.

On Sunday evening, Aditya Reddy, Koushik Ganesh, Siddhanth and two others were caught for speeding on Race Course Road. They were fined and let off.

Sub-inspector Srinivas T R, who chased them, was posted to the High Grounds traffic police station only earlier this week. He said he noticed the three cars zipping by at Basaveshwara Circle around 5.45 pm. “They jumped a signal and pedestrians crossing the road started screaming. I gestured to the cars to stop. They ignored me and drove away. I chased them on my Bullet,” he told Express.

For the full text of the report in the New Indian Express, click here

Below are the excerpts from the ToI report (full text accessible here):

The brat pack has taken its revenge. The traffic policemen who chased three rich kids in their hot wheels through Race Course Road on Sunday evening, were subjected to a verbal lashing from their superiors and politicians. Even a minister from the Siddaramaiah government joined in to chastise the cops and their colleagues attached to High Grounds traffic police station, through Sunday night.

Quite expected, for the cops had dared to take on the rich and influential. Never mind that the young men had driven rashly through a crowded thoroughfare, allegedly abused policemen doing their duty, and offered bribes too.

The policemen spent an anxious Monday, wondering if the episode would lead to suspension or a punishment transfer. According to their colleagues, what unfolded on Race Course Road was any conscientious policeman's nightmare. "The three youths yelled at the policemen who dared to stop them. They first boasted of their connections, with one of them claiming to be former chief minister Krishna's grandson," they said.

We, Prajagalu, have very rightly been critical of the police whenever misdeeds by some of them have come to our notice - eg here, here, and there are more.

As such, perhaps it's incumbent upon us to standby one of them when he goes about his job diligently, in fact goes beyond his call of duty, in the overall interest of the citizens, particularly so when his bosses at high levels are choosing to haul him up, used to as they are to licking their political bosses' boots.

Through nominating S I Srinivas for the Namma Bengaluru award, hopefully the Civil Society should be able to convey a message to the flexible-spined police bosses, and their political mafioso chiefs (whoever they are), that these acts of theirs are being made note of by the citizens, and they will strike back at the appropriate time. Simultaneously, it should also convey a message to the likes of Mr Srinivas that their work is being appreciated by the public at large, and thereby embolden them to carry on their good work.

Muralidhar Rao


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turning tides

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The traffic policeman who chased and caught three youths speeding recklessly on Sunday filed cases against them on Tuesday. - - - Based on Srinivas’ complaint, police have registered cases against them for assault, deterring public servants from discharging their duties and criminal intimidation. - - - On Tuesday, members of an organisation in Jayanagar visited the High Grounds police station and distributed fruits and sweets to the policemen to show their appreciation for Srinivas.

For the full text of the report in the New Indian Express, click here.

Excerpts from a ToI report (full text - here)

Speaking to TOI, additional commissioner of police (traffic), B Dayananda said offenders who drop big names and falsely claim to be relatives of an influential personality will be booked under IPC section 419 for impersonation which stipulates three years imprisonment or fine or both for the guilty.

“Sometimes, offenders go to the extent of abusing onduty police officials and threaten to have them transferred to remote stations. From now on, such offenders will face the music. If needed, we shall arrest them on the spot and produce them before the court for imperson ation charges,“ he said.

He said they were examining whether sterner provisions of law could be invoked against the three youths involved in Sunday's offences.

Kudos to the Jayanagar organisation for the timely gesture, as also to Sri B Dayananda for making the position clear. Hopefully, the message has gone across to one and all, however powerful a section they may belong to, that, with a vibrant media and Social media in place now, the days of their getting away after committing wrongs is more or less over.

Muralidhar Rao
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doing his job?

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On the hind sight wasnt the cop just doing his job that he is paid for? Its just our society which is so used to mediocre that something like this gets lot of attention!

The same incident in most foriegn country would been seen as regular!

Even the ACP doesnt let the chance go to make statements in the press!

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isn't doing job an achievement?

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Isn't someone doing their job/duty in India; especially a Govt. Official; an achievement? That is the reason perhaps why this policeman trying to do his job is getting such a lot of attention since the norm is corrupt citizens not doing their job in India.

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Bravo, Sir!

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It all began around 9.30 pm when the car was spotted zooming in a reckless manner breaking a one-way rule, near Cantonment railway station. Traffic Sub-inspector T R Srinivas, who was manning traffic at the Cantonment underbridge, signalled to the vehicle to stop. However, the driver drove right past Srinivas, almost knocking him down, and gesturing obscenely. Noticing that the vehicle was going towards Balekundri Circle, Srinivas alerted the traffic police closeby. As the car sped  towards Infantry Road, four policemen put up barricades on the road and finally managed to stop the vehicle.
  • In July, Srinivas fined a local politician, Shivarame Gowda, for violating parking rules. He was assaulted by the politician
  • In July, he booked the official drivers of two Cabinet ministers for talking on the phone while driving
  • In June, Srinivas chased and caught  three luxury cars on Race Course Road and booked cases against the drivers, all youths
For the full text of the report in the New Indian Express, click here.
Bravo, Sir! Addressing the jawans in Siachen, on the occasion of Diwali, the PM had stated that the rest of the country enjoys Diwali because of the safety afforded by the jawans. It can likewise be said that we, in Bengaluru, enjoy our peaceful lives, thanks to the likes of T R Srinivas. 
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