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Congestion and Traffic Woes - Ramamurthy Nagar Main Road from ITI Gate to ORR.

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Off late the entire stretch of  Rama Murthy Nagar Main from ITI gate to ORR is becoming so congested and trafic woes are unbearble.Adding the fuel is by parking of the BMTC Buses without any common sense at the Bus stops. From ITI gate to ORR we need to come behind the Bus only. No way, we can able to overtake the BMTC Buses. 

It is in the same Morning Hours, we see the Garbage collection Vehciles collecting the Garbages.

We can see many vegetable vendors encroaching the platforms and roads,

Most of the Auto Rikshaws are parked exactly in the juction of cross Road and Main road , where the user of cars finds it very difficult to enter in to the Main road.

No Public has sense of driving , parking and this total stretch of R.M. Main Road is with plenty of cross Roads and in every cross roads, we can find trafic jams.

This R.M. Nagar is housing many schools and convents and this is the Road used by most of the Nearby school and college buses,  Private Cars , Autos are used to coomute the students.

The Total Trafic is not at all taken in control. Here we find social policing by many Local people who can do very Little to control.

In the Morning Hours, we find from ORR Many Heavy Vehicles , sand vehicles are entering, though it is No ENTRY for Heavy vehicles during peak hours and some time encroachment by Heavy Vehicles and sand vehicles on the R.M. Main Road.l.

Is there any solution available to this congestion and trafic woes ? comment guidelines

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