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Unnecessary Traffic Jams at Graphite India Jn

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TrafficTraffic jams

Hi All, I'm one of the regular commuters who has to cross the infamous and extremely narrow Graphite India traffic junction at EPIP, Whitefield for more than 7 years now. Ofcourse the number of companies have multiplied in EPIP, for which this is the Only entry point for 90% of the commuters who come from the city. Rest 10% come from the other side of the road, i.e. the ITPL side.

This junction was a bit conjusted but still manageable as the traffic used to flow slowly but steadily and rarely would anyone have to spend more than 5 minutes on this turning, from either side. As the traffic increased recently, the traffic police decided to finally install a set of signal light here, which made things a lot better for sure.

But recently since last few months, some new officer became incharge of this area, and the situation has taken a nose-dive. He got some lame idea of dividing the already narrow 40ft road into two halves, which has led to atleast 8 fold increase in traffic congestion now... Almost everyday two times, we've to spend around 20 minutes each way just to cross the 1/2 KM of area.

Thus I'd like to raise this voice to the Bangalore Traffic Police Dept to get some sense into them and realize what hell the 1000s of IT commuters are going through each day atleast twice, and how an hour of very valuable time of some the most brilliant minds are wasted counting cars and bikes on the road!


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The whitefield traffic mess - all connected

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There is no spot solution unfortunately. How long do you spend at Kundalahalli junction? And then Outer ring Road signal at M'halli? Or, if you go towards KR Puram, at Outer Ring Road merge?

Marking down all the spots for City-Whitefield commuters. I live in Whitefield, and we make sure these days to not go West of Kundahalli at all in the evenings. Its gotten worse for some reason.

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Graphite India junction

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I am also a "victim" of the graphite India junction mess.

But a few weeks back, sometime in June, there was a TDR notification ad from the BBMP for asking for surrender of private land at this junction. So hopefully if BBMP gets hold of this land (the Advaith-Hyundai service station and the property opposite to that), the road may get widened soon.

Also, have you noticed a new BBMP board right at this junction for an underpass at this junction. The completion date mentioned is Sept 2011 :-) . Hope they don't start the construction and make a Kadirenahalli of this junction. comment guidelines

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