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SWR Plans improvements to Bengaluru City Railway Station

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The Hindu carried a news item on newly renovated UN-RESERVED ticket counters at the city railway station. Along with that it also carried a news about SWR plan to improve the station facilities.

"...Future plans include improving facilities at the second entry to the station and widening of the exit road, along with relocation of two-wheeler parking facility. The cloakroom at the station, where the facilities have been enhanced, was also inspected.

Earlier in the day, Mr. Chaturvedi inaugurated a modern Crew Booking Centre at the Satellite Goods Terminal, Whitefield. This centre has been provided with computerised arrangement for management of train drivers and guards. A Comprehensive Rail Consumer Depot for fuelling of locomotives, which replaced the earlier unsafe temporary arrangement, was also inaugurated at this terminal. ..."

It would be nice if we could to tlak to Bengalury DGM Mr. Sudhanshu Mani to know the details and look for ourselves if the planned improvements mean anything. I am sure they do. Also would be an ideal opportunity to build bridges with SWR in run up to the Namma Railu plans.

IDS, Sanjeev, interested?


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Any recent visitors to city railway station?

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Any recent visitor to the city railway station? If anybody please, share your experiences and list of things you would like to see at the station in SWR's plans.

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every small metro station hosts escalator these days. so only station in full city needs few of them

1. to go to 1st floor ticket booking

2. in subway coming from majestic side, where subway opens to railway station.

3. Escalator to skywalk across railway platforms

4. only upward escalator enough, downward people can use normal staircase. people afraid of escalators can use same staircase to go upwards too.

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visited the station this

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visited the station this morning.

1. The subway is in a horrible condition. It was stinking.

2. The stairs to the subway gets chaotic whenever a train arrives. The crowd has to be segregated [Arriving/Departing]


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City Ry. Station

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The subway bet. bus stn. & Rly. Stn. is most unfriendly to users.

It is imperative to provide bus bays inside the compound and buses to & from Majestic Bus Stn. routed thro these bus bays near the Rly. Stn. Entrance.

Also Special Vajra buses similar to Airport Services should be started from the Ry. Stn.


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One more Foot Over Bridge at Bangalore city station

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Following are the works planned for Bangalore City Station :

1. Provision of Foot over Bridge, 135m long, between platform no 1 to 10, Chennai end of Bangalore City Railway station , Value of the work is Rs 2.32 Crore.

2. Bangalore City Proposed extension of subway from PF 1 to outside,  Value of the work : Rs 52 Lakhs

This will help the Passangers movement. at City Station. 

3. Provision of space frame in second entry for providing shelter to passengers. Value of the c Tender Rs 82.70 Lakhs

Others can add to the list.

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Escalators at City Station PF - 1 & 5

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Design, Supply, erection, testing and commissioning of 100 nos. escalators at variousstations on Indian Railway as per RDSO specification no. RDSO/PE/SPEC/TL/0095-2008 (Rev.O) Amdt.1&2 of April’2009 (in all Railway Zones) as per list given at  Annexure-A.

They have mentioned in Sr No 31 & 32 of Annecure Page - 6 for Bangalore City, This was called in May 2009, but we have not seen any Tenders for this. 

Its time we need to file an RTI  with SWR on this and other works status.

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Meeting with SWR DM would help!

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Thanks for the information.

A meeting with SWR DM would help understand the scope of all the works that are being planned. As done for BMTC, KSRTC, Praja discussions can be oriented for capturing the suggestions and feedack from citizens.



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Shelter for passenger waiting area in second entry of Bangalore

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Here SWR has called one more Tender for waiting area at second entry station building of Bangaloe city, cost of the Tender : Rs 1.54 Crore.


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Why Once again SWR has called Tenders for FOB in 2012 for SBC

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SWR is not doing much work on station improvements in Bangalore city, looking at the above tenders,  no work has been done and fresh tenders were called in July'2012 again for FOB. 

Subway extension, Escalators are also not done till now.  Why are the complaining always for Binny Mill Land not given.

Also till now they have not demanded for EMU rakes for Bangalore and it  reflects on the lack of interest from the senior officals of SWR.  Also MP's & Ministers too along with citizens are responsible for all these issues

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Longer wait for escalators at City railway station

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Passengers at the City railway station will have to wait for another three months to use escalators as deadline to set up the facility has been extended.

The Railway officials, who had set the deadline of mid-April to commission four escalators, blamed the contractor and technical glitches for the delay in executing the much-awaited project. 

“Making concrete pits, digging, laying the steps, procuring escalators are some of the problems we are facing. To add to our woes, the contractor to whom the Railway Board has awarded the work, is a bit slow. Also, workers need to be cautious at the work site as the traffic flow is always high and the station is pretty old. We have started the work, but it is still in the initial stage,” said a railway official, on condition of anonymity.

The proposal to set up the escalators was made in the Railway budget in 2009. However, the Bangalore division of Railways invited the tenders only in December 2012 and procured the escalators in January 2013, sources in the department said. 

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A total of four escalators would be installed on the station premises, which includes two next to stairs near platform 1, one each at platforms 5 and 4. While each escalator will cost Rs 30 lakh, the installation charges and other works are estimated to cost around Rs 16 lakh, said the railway officials.

Railway authorities hope that the escalators, once operational, will be useful especially to the elderly, pregnant women, children and the physically handicapped.

At present, passengers have to climb the stairs to reach the respective platforms through the subway nestled near the entrance of platform 1.

Another escalator that was sanctioned in he railway budget was proposed to come up at Yeshwantpur railway station. The railway authorities had earlier maintained that the work of installing escalators at the station would be completed by June 15. However, the work is yet to commence, sources said.

Why SWR did not blame it on Binny Mill land  for delay in these escalators  putting up????

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Bangalore city station back yard

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Construction of substructure of proposed new bridges

in Bangalore city station back yard (two track

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