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NHAI begins work on expressway to BIA

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Source - Deccan Herald

Deccan Herald carried a news report that NHAI is awarding the BAI expressway to Navyug Constructions.

NHAI begins work on expressway to BIA
S Praveen Dhaneshkar, Bangalore, Aug 3, DH News Service:
Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Reaching Bengaluru International Airport (BIA) by road will be easier in 2013, with the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) beginning work on upgradation of the existing four-lane highway to a six-lane expressway.
The six-lane expressway project will ease the traffic jam on Bellary road. File photo As per the NHAI project, the four-lane highway between Hebbal and Yelahanka (Kogilu Junction) on NH-7 will be upgraded into a 22.12 km long elevated six-lane expressway. A  two-lane service road will also be laid on either side of the NH-7, making the stretch  a wide 10-lane National Highway.

To be built at a cost of Rs 680 crore on a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) basis, the project has been given to Navayuga Engineering Co Ltd to be completed in two years from early 2011, when the construction is expected to start.

Does the 8-10 lanes solve the problem? Is the money spend worth the effort? Any alternatives?


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Soil tests in progress

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We had been to Sadahalli on monday & saw Navayuga carrying out soil tests at intermittent locations on the 4.5km stretch between Hebbal flyover & the commencement of Yelahanka bypass.

At that time, I assumed it was possibly for flyovers, but this DH article now confirms that the tests are for the elevated highway.

The DH report first talks of 22.12km of elevated highway, but later quotes 3.5km - both seem incorrect !

I think the elevated tollway will be between Hebbal flyover & commencement of the Yelahanka bypass. Beyond that, signal intersections will be fitted with flyovers or underpasses.

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hope they do it like Tumkur road..

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 Instead of a flyover all the way like the BETL, it will work on the cost better if the tolled road is at grade in some places where land is not a can go ariel at junctions to make it signal free..

Tumkur road is being done up this way is ready to be opened to public this independence day..hope the Hebbal road follows this and not build a monolithic structure all the way!

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Another pointless waste of money

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The real problem with the road to the airport - if at all - is the stretch between Hebbal and Yelahanka. After that the road is pretty clear and rarely jammed. What needs to be done is simply building underpasses/overpasses at certain junctions - like Kodihalli and  Yelahanka  as well as a rail bridge near Allasandra at the entrance of Yelahanka.  This could be done in a few months as opposed to several years.

In any case, with this proposal this reopens the HSRL debate - is there a need for a HSRL when this is being done and there is the commuter rail. To me it seems to make much more sense to have a bus lane and a dedicated airport bus terminal at Hebbal. This would also kill the increased traffic on NH-7 as most of the traffic is taxis with one passenger going to the airport - and of course cars parked on the side waiting to pick up people.

I really wonder how they are going to fit the elevated road and HSRL on the same stretch of Bellary road.

Frankly, I think reaching BIA from Hebbal is a trivial matter. All the real traffic is before that and that issue is not being addressed.




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happy cos thats what it is..

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 "As per the project plan, the 3.2 km stretch from the Hebbal flyover to the beginning of Yelahanka bypass (near GKVK) will be an elevated stretch.

From the Yelahanka bypass to the trumpet inter-change (the gateway to BIA), all the major junctions will be made signal-free. To this end, two flyovers will come up at the Kogilu Cross and Vidyanagar junctions, while four underpasses will come up at other crucial junctions."

more here

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Expressway to BIAL

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What happened to the proposal of an expressway between the ORR and BIAL (hitting the ORR at Hennur junction) ?

Also what happened to the BDA PRR proposed to connect Hosur Road to Tumkur Road ( via the eastern and north eastern peripheries)?

Not much heard of these projects these days. comment guidelines

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