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Photographs of Good Pedestrian Facilities

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Dear all, Greetings!! The Right to Walk Foundation is a Hyderabad based NGO campaigning for pedestrian rights. My name is Kanthi Kannan and I am the founder president of R2W. I am a speaker at the TEDx conference at Hyderabad. For this purpose, I would like photos of walkable footpaths of Bangalore. Could you please send at least 2 or 3 of them? Any photos of good pedestrian crossings would also be very useful. I would give your organisation credit for the same. The presentation as well as any use will not be used for profit.

Kanthi Kannan




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"Walkable footpaths" Scarce

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Greetings Mr Kanthi Kannan, & Welcome.

As far as I know, the only remaining good pedestrian facilities are in some parts of south Bangalore such as Basavanagudi & Jayanagar, which are old /well planned areas of Bangalore with many wide roads.

In most other places, sidewalks have either shrunk due to road widening & /or are in very poor condition due to repeated digging for one reason or the other.

Since I reside away on the eastern side of town, I'm unable to get you pictures. Can someone living in the south please help out ?


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Walkable footpaths

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I think their exist some good footpaths in the BEL area - though in a sense that is not quite municipal Bangalore - that may be maintained by BEL and not BBMP. I'm not sure BBMP knows what a good footpath is.

Their exist some decent footpaths in Mysore though - Devaraj Urs road, for example.



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No use of good footpaths!

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Dont get puzzled by the statement! If footpaths are not available we walk on the road cautious of approaching vehicles. If the footpaths available are good we have the problems from the irresponisble two-wheelers who feel they have the right of way over the same espacially when the roads are clogged. And U get such a stare when you try ignoring them as if we are aliens from outer space and dont know to give them their right.And u also have them parking on the footpaths in front of shops obstructing the way of walk.For that if atleast foothpaths arent well laid we know tht there will be n approaching vehicle from behind nd will be quite cautious. Unless two-wheeler drivers become responsible towards the fellow citizens of bangalore,it is better we dont have footpaths in the city.

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peds facilities in blr

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I feel contrary to some of the opinion put up above..the roads that I take everyday to work(20Kms) have reasonable to good footpaths and other ped facilities..some images from my drive today is below:

Many roads are small in width in Bangalore and footpaths are also small..however use of concrete blocks of around 6 inch X4 inch sizes have given some good footpaths..these are also good for they allow water to seep in through the corners and other maintenance like cable laying can be easily done taking them out and replacing them after the job is complete..

Footpaths with trees as above are also useful..the trees give the much needed shade during hot summers. Also the concrete blocks are better visible here

The beeper has been a new addition to bangalore traffic junctions for pedestrians which gives a non-visual beep based indication on the status. This should be simple to implement, but quite effective..

PLease let know if you are looking at anything in particular..

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  The beeper is for visually

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The beeper is for visually challenged. But the stones jutting out at the corners is bound to trip the blind person right onto the road traffic. This is what happens if you get half the idea right. I dont believe there is a SINGLE area in Bangalore which can claim to have footpaths which are laid right to IRC specs and are disabled friendly. Yes even the beeper above doesnt make the footpath disabled friendly.

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beepers more for vehicles

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I see the beepers here more for the vehicles..cos they stop till it turns green for them now and the beep stops..else earlier they are always in a hurry jumping signals..

About disabled crossing roads..we in India have way too many people on the roads here and its not unusual to see blind being hand led across roads by those good samaritans always..

Not that its an excuse for bad footpath in the image..that photo is next to the JnUrm funded TTMC being constucted..probably it will get fixed along with the bldg..

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Add some whitefield roads too

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Have been taking snaps of good work done on few main roads in Whitefield sub urb.

Real quality work, as in you can literally skate-board on pavements.



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RE: Thanks for all the photos and comments

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 Dear all


Thanks for all the comments and the photos. I might use the Whitefield Photo. Whom do I give Credit to? Please let me know. 


Ms. Kanthi Kannan





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No need for credits

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Kanthi sir - this is a different place, full of shy people who use pseudonyms nstead of real names, and don't clamour for credit on their personal names. Just say you got them from members of, that would do, at least for the pics I post here.

But really, are you looking for just some pcis like thesem or benchmarks for good facilities. Just cemented and smooth pavements are not it. Clear ped-crossing markings, pedestrian controlled signals, pedestran islands on the medians of very wide roads - there is more to cover. If you are just looking for standards, you would fnd them around on the Internet.

Or, if you need those standard pictures from developed world, just ask and some NRI members of community may oblige.

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Outside examples

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Here are some best practices in pedestrian/street infrastructure

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A few more pics of the whitefield

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Pedestrian is King here!

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This street is only for pedestrians. A motor vehicle may use it at it's own risk!

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A classic Bangalore Pedestrian scene...

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I took this picture this afternoon - on the road between New BEL Road and Sanjaynagar main road - this road has been recently developed as BSY lives in the neighborhood....



1. The car is parked on the `foot path'

2. The people are walking on the road

3.`No parking' seems to mean its okay to park on the footpath, but not the road. 

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photos for benchmarking good pedstrian facilities

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Mr Kannan,

I stumbled accross this thread where you have requested for photos of good pedestrian facilities. If you want photos from outside India, benchmarking good pedestrian facilities please feel free to read my post from another thread - I think it is a couple of years old but the contents and photos should be good enough for your requirements. That should be enough to give a crash course in footpath basics to any PWD engineer or local politician.


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pedestrian crossings in Brazil

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check here
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