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Converting the elevated high way of Electronic city into Metro line

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I was just thinking on the following for quite sometime, i am not sure whether its practical or crazy, if it works, ELectronic city can have metro connection with in 2 years.

Here what i thought

1. The elevated road from silk board to EC Phase 1 and 2 can be onverted into metro lines.

2, There are about 5 to 6 signals below the elevated road, all these signasl should be removed either by construting grade separator or unidirectional fly overs on the service road or combination of both, to have smooth traffic flwo.

3. If its technically feasible, then Electronic city will have the connection with in 1 or two years.

4. The skate holders of elevated road can be compensated by Metro.

5. there will be less hassle for the ordinary people like you and me

6. there will not be any more land aquiring/demolishing. (even if it is there it will be minimum.)

7. the biggest advantage will be for the citizen as no body will pay toll and yet can travel smoothly on this stretch.


I am not a technical expert but just to share my thought.






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A sky bus should have been

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A sky bus should have been built instead of this stupid elevated road.

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BETL is private

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It is operated by a private entity (IDFC) after NCC/Soma exit it earlier this they will not let it be used for mass PT..

BETL was not needed in the first place..the road below is 10 lane wide and wonders could have been done with just adding few bridges at 3-4 places by NHAI..but NRN/KMS etc wanted a stuid bridge instead of metro..

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Metro Phase 2 has plans to connect BTM<->SilkBoard<->Bommasandra

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Second phase of metro has plans to connect BTM<->Silkboard<->Bommasandra via Electronic City as part of RV Road to Bommasandra section. Not sure how the alignment will be on Hosur Road. 


- Srivatsan


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