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Thames revival plan for Arkavathy

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Hi All,


I hope most of the Prajegalu should be happy to read this plan. ofcourse we have been hearing such promises over the year, yet another hope. I dont know how far our babus will be successful in implementing this ?

with all the modern techonology, with out selfishness, it took 15 years to revive Thames....I wonder how many decades Arkavathy revival will take...probably 50 years if they start now !!

Any way If Hon.Minister is determined I wish him all the success.....atleast our great grand children can enjoy Arkavathy water....

we need to constantly remind about Arkacathy revival plan to the Hon.minister otherwise chances are high that he may forget this.




kamalakar pandit.


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A tree adoption program.

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Quite ironical that posts on

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Quite ironical that posts on lakes elicit a lot of response but their is none on River Arkvathy, which forms a major part of the riverine systems of Bangalor rural!
Arkavathy, Vrishabhavathy Kumudavaty and Suvarnamukhi form the main riverine systems of Bangalore Rural , Bangalore Urban and Tumkur regions. The 800+ lakes were created by Kempe Gowda not just for purposes of supply of water but also to ensure that the excess water from excess water from these lakes flowed into these riverine systems.
TG Halli reservoir, which is built at the confluence of rivers Arkvathy and Kumudavathy is still linked to series a lakes in Bangalore rural and North Bangalore. Rampant construction off Tumkur Road is killing Mother Arkvathy. These rivers are not perennial but then no river in South India is. Kempegowda was a master town planner and he did a better job with Arkavathy, Kumudavathy and Vrishabhavathy than our PM did with Sabarmati


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on Arkavathy

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- apparently, Prajagalu who have posted here, have missed this blog. Do check it out

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