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Primary Education

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During the summer holidays , when children go for holidays and no school,we notice less traffic.

the reason behind this is lot of children travel a lot to a particular school, no matter wherever children stay.

the to and fro   to school , can be brought down by alloting children schools only with in 5 kms of their residence.

during a disscussion my friends abroad told that most of the children will be allowed to join schools only if they are residence of that area,

so they move and live closer to the school of their choice.

This is very essential for the kids, as travel time comes down, air pollution will reduce, traffic on the roads will be less, if this rule is  brought into effect.

If this suggestion is  forwarded  to education minister we might see some change.

todays middle income group struggling bcos of high schooling cost.

today namo is trying to bring down inflation, if a ceiling is kept on the school as per the  rating,it would be easier.

every school wants to charge even without proper infrastructure like school which have. 

there are a lot of govt schools.

Abroad most children get  educated only in govt schools.

govt have to improve with good teachers and give incentive to children to go there.

The sylabus , if it is at par with private schools it will help all.

Education is most important factor to make good citizens, good society and gud city.

This topic need to be discussed as this helps change in society.

Today it is status symbol sending children to particlar shool, the  mindset of  parents have to change and  initaitive has to be taken.







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