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Urban Development

Bombay has this culture of apartment from a long time, but Bangalore has started this only for the past 20 years , Once a culture is copied even the problems forseen over a period of time and how it is ddressed there, has to be implemented,

In Bombay they have a system of forming a society and all the persons who want to buy in a society has to become a member and then only one can purchase.

when this is done the new members of the society is moinitored by the society, so miscreants cannot enter the city to live without anybodys knowledge.

The other important thing, we have to observe is every building has an life , (let us assume 30 years)

In Bombay the society is registered with the govt, they take review of the building after 30 years, and recently there were articles that many buldings which were not fit for tenament, was vacated , rebuilt and given back to the residents.

To implement this , goverment collects from every society, society in turn from every member, a fee every month called asSINKING FUND.

This fund is in fact , a sort of insurence to all the appartment and flat owners. this fund is used to demolish old bildings and reconstruct new ones by the goverment.

Now this culture have been started say 20 years back , one can expect problems in another 5 years.


Unless this issue related is not addressed , there will be lot of  chaos,so at least the future apartments have to start this fund.

Bangalore is growing , new policies have to be drafted with growth.
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