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Mysore Bangalore Rail Double line Project

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Whatever happened to the gallopping project of Double line between Bangalore and Mysore? The latest roadblock is the monument concerning Tippusultan Gun carriage which is rumoured to come very close to the tracks and hence the doubling rail track goes back to the back burner or freezer if you ask me! The Archives Dept of GOK is 'seized' with this topic and they are in no hurry to give clearence to the project or move the monument elsewhere.Archives normally work with 1000 years as their norm and I don't know how many eons this will take. Why do we not see any urgency to clear 'fast track' projects which apart from helping overall growth for all cities coming in between, help decongest Bangalore, reduce Diesel and Petrol bill and make the environment greener? How many 'Janmas' Karnataka needs to get this done?


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shift it or not?

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Incidentally, some folks don't want the monument shifted.

I don't know a whole lot more about this matter. Vasanth has written a lot about this in past.

I keep noticing notices about "speed testing" of the completed double line sections.

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Time to move ahead

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This will be an eternal debate. Things wont change. I am sure no one will be bothered if the monument collapses because of bad upkeep. But when they want to move it for some development purposes everyone rises up.

When the 3300 year old Temples of Ramses in Egypt could be moved to build a dam, i am sure we have enough expertise to move this small monument retaining its architecture and place in history.

The economic importance of this project clearly outweighs everything.

Sadly it is expected to be completed only after 3 years (thats the best case scenario) - i fail to understand the logic of this snail pace development.
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Track is double till Ramanagaram now

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I came to know through friends that track doubling upto Ramanagaram is complete and trains are travelling on the new track (up trains towards bangalore) as well as on the old track (down trains towards Mysore). This has eliminated lots of waits for crossings.

Work has started between Ramanagaram and Channapatna. Bridge construction across rivers are the huge bottleneck which has not started yet just like 'Namma Metro's' tunnelling section.

There is a saying 'Eat the Ugly Frog First'  in time management - I don't know why this is not being followed.

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Memorandum / petition to CM?

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Could a petition to CM be sent signed by Praja, Ficci,FASSI. Karnataka Chamber of Commerce , Infosys etc requesting for speedier implementation of the project highlighting need to decongest Bangalore? Assurance of CM necessary so that project doesn't get hijacked every now and then for a variety of excuses and fix a deadline. How about a delegation to meet CM? We can prepare a background paper.
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City Technical Advisory Group

148 users have liked.'snew/tag/raipur_report_final.pdf+Bangalore+CTAG&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=2&gl=in

The link is of CTAG formed for JNNURM projects of each city. Page 16.0 is relevant.

Synopsis is that get hold of the agenda and projects of CTAG (Basically these are those of the JNNURM)and than review and comment on the advice of CTAG.

Praja I am sure has enough people with knowledge and experince to act as a positive countercheck to government advisory bodies.

Giving a memo to CM is not going to be that effective than giving a direct appraisal of third eye.

Its NOB (None of business) as it is Banglore but in Jaipur till now I am the lone crusader my suggestions have been seen a satisfactory level of succesfull implementation.

You may widen and refine the scope.




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Long way to go

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Maybe there are NICE reasons. This apart, still lot many bridges need to be built.
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Long way to go...

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Maybe there are NICE reasons. Lot many bridges are still to be built. A long way to go
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The Great Double Line project

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The cabinet has decided to move the monument elsewhere with the help of Railways and has given the 'green' signal for the project to move on. Now how much time this will take is anybody's or C.M.'s guess.
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Who will move the monument?

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